Jun 26, 2011



Today I wanna talk bout trip to Thailand last month on 6th of May till 9th of May. I was supposed to write this right after I came back from Thailand. But I kinda malas..hehe

The weather is nice, not bad. Surprisingly most of the people there thought tat we are southern Thai people and starts speaking Thai language to us. Haha its so funny. I even met one Thai lady that actually speaks Malay!! Wow!

Besides the trip itself, we also attended Herbalife Extravaganza there. The event was held in BITEC, Bang Na. Its very nearby to the place tat we stayed. But to go BITEC must ride taxi also lah. The taxi over there was like so many, we can just tahan taxi anywhere!

Ok2 now I’ll just show some photos from there.

The airplane!!!

Arrived!!! Claim baggage lo!

Left : Shops inside the Suvarnabhumi Airport

Right : Found our frens there! I really tot that we cant manage to see them!! Huhu~

Left : Statues on the road!

Right : Thailand oso got Tesco woh!!!

Left : Place where we stayed.

Right : A visit to Patpong!!! (Restricted place for guys!!!)

Left : Suasana seperti Petaling Street!!!

Right : I look so damn cool!! Yeah!!

Left : I bought something!!! Ngehehehe!!

Right : That’s the magnificient billboard!!

Left : Getting ready to BITEC!!

Right : Getting there by taxi!

Left : Line up straight!!!

Right : Awesome!!

Left : I wanna buy those!!

Right : Me and Kak Sham

Left : I bought something!! Again!!! NGEHEHEH

Right : Cikgu Azim! Terbaik!!

Left : Susan Peterson!! Love her!!

Right : Our cool and gorgeous CEO!!

Left : Messi pun minum Herbalife!!

Right : YummY~~

Left : Ladang Herbalife!

Right : The madness of Herbalife. Just look at the crowds!

Left : Abg Hairil lepak-ing outside.

Right : NICE! Cookies & Cream!

Left : Aku minum air pon ada paparazi amek gmbr. Huduh!

Right : Makanan halal kt BITEC(the only one).

Left : Nuaym comel!!!

Right : Our schoolmate! In herbalife! Awesome!

Left : Bergambar kt VIP Entrance!

Right : Anak dara dan mak2 budak bergambo.

Left : Korean toncet( ni abg yg cakap ea!!)

Right : A view from seat atas.

Left : Tiresome. ZzZ

Middle : Oh look at me! I’m cuter than that elephant!!

Right : The guy beside me had lost more than 100kgs!! Gosh! That’s awesome!!

Left : Pix with President Team!!

Middle : Koreans again!


Huge photos with the Japanese! Kawai otoko ne!!!

Left : Anak atau mak yg comel?? Haaa…

Right : Naza!! And Angie as well.

Left : Us, Maryam and Uncle Allen.

Right : Oh cute little baby!!!

Efrat’s back!! Such a touching moments~


Some people from the group. Ehehehe.

Left : Menunggu taxi sambil berposing.

Right : Me and ibu is being insane.

Left : Posing!! Got paparazi again!

Right : At last there’s nice tom yam here!! YUM YUM!!

Left : Nick Khun from 2PM is on TV inside the train! Cute!

Right : Nak pergi naik bot. Bayar…bayar…

Left : I can barely open my eyes. Wohoo

Right : Abang sempat pitching mamat dr Germany nih!

Left : Ibu’s excessive laugh. Layan je…

Right : Abang driving the tuk-tuk. Haha pandai berlakon ea…

Left : Darn cute! Let me kiss it!! Muahhh!!

Right : Bought souvenirs!

Left : Suasana dalam tuk-tuk!

Right : Kalo g Thailand, pegi mkn kt sini. Sedaaaap!

Left : Mencari jalan yg benar. Eceh!

Right : Dalam Siam Paragon.Tringat daku pada Pavillion…

Left : 1, 2, 3 JUMP!

Middle : The sotong looks like some alien from War of the World..

Right : Poverty. Feeling sad when looking at her.

Left : Melepaskan penat lelah. Huh!

Right : Sesi makan durian. Sori la I tak main la deroyan2 nih.

Left : Sempat lagik kitorg menjerit panggil kawan kitorg dlm tuk2 tu.

Right : See? Herbalife everywhere.

Left : The Platinum. A place you have to visit!

Right : Jeans also can mengigil. Haha!

Left : Rambang mata kalo adik ada ni..

Right : Met my schoolmate by coincidence here in Thailand, Wai Kei!

Left : Let’s buy shoes!!!

Right : Wajah Jang Geun Suk terpapar pada packaging barang. Hebat2.

Left : Our room. Huhu bye2!

Right : Mari lah mari pulang ke Malaysia~

Left : Nak posing gk!!

Right : Naik escalator pun ada paparazi. Waduh2.

Left : SMILES!

Right : Amin, duduk diam2. Kakak piap kang!

Left : Kerepek pun nk beli. Mcm la xde kt Malaysia. Haha~ibu,ibu…

Right : Keadaan kt Suvarnabhumi departure punye area.

Left : Mu pehe dok pehe nih? Nate beghuk!

Right : Escalator tegak! Tak payah ssh2 nk jln!

This is just 10% of my photo collection in Bangkok. The trip was fun. Its hot,but then Malaysia’s hotter la. This was actually my first experience riding airplane to outside Malaysia. Yeah I’ve been to Singapore but Singapore is not tat far from Malaysia so tak rasa la sangat.

That’s all for now. I’ll be going to Korea this Sept so, just wait for my photos from Korea!!

Kidariye yo!! Ne kamsa hamnida!