Nov 16, 2011

Unemployed but I'm okay with it

Assalamualaikum! Jeah! Its been awhile!!

Yeah i'm unemployed now. not because i got fired but, i just dint continue my contract there. miss my frens there. Ami...Jiah...and others. Huu

Living jobless is kinda free. I have lots of free time to do. I kinda miss my life being an employee back then, cuz having to see my friends every single day was like awesome! ahaha~

But because i live quite far from my workplace, I decided not to continue. Its a great workplace and great environment afterall. Yeah the reason why i decided to quit my job is because i wanted to pursue my studies! i'm 23 already and i shud already have my degree! urgh!

its okay Mai! you're still young! go for it!

thats all for today. will write again soon. hahah.