May 23, 2015

A trip to Japan!


Assalamualaikum guys n girls!! Its been a while since i wrote in my blog. Its 2015 and now I am living a new life, new job, new ehem ehem and Alhamdulillah i am so grateful of my new life now.
I am currently working in a service industry which is F&B together with my sister in Subang Jaya. I have been here for quite some time. Since middle 2014 i guess. But then back to my main topic. Its not about me I wanted to ramble on. Its about my recent trip to Japan!!

Hey ho! My dream came true! Alhamdulillah! I made my dream as a reality! Even it took me more than 10 years to actually go to Japan, But at last I made it there. See? When u believe in yourself, u may actually do it! And commitment is also important!

What will I share is based on what I have experienced and it may vary to others who might be travelling there like us. Cuz we aint no travel as normal as others. We go beyond what other people may say 'you  guys are crazy'.

Why crazy? Because it's just 7 days, and we went to 4 different locations and these locations are about more than one hour distances between each other. 

Firstly we went to Tokyo.
Shibuya Street on a rainy day. Very busy street!
And the Mount Fuji.

Senbonzakura....chewahhh no lah. This is Shibazakura Festival. Only 30% blooms as for this photo was taken. And Mount Fuji behind me!

Next is Kyoto.
SKYTREE infront of Kyoto Station

And Osaka.

Some road in Osaka nearby the place that we stay.

Not forgetting Tokyo Disneyland!

See behind us? The castle on Disneys montage! Price to go inside Disneyland Theme Park : 6900Yen

Aaaaaand back to Tokyo.

This is Akihabara, guys. Heaven of Animes.

All the costs is below MYR7K only! And we got to go to 4 different places! Well our budget actually is below MYR5K but we forgot to check on the Shinkansen/ Bullet Train pricing so it went up to 7K. Oh by the way is you wanted to ride the Bullet Train, it will costs you around 13,000Yen. Oh well, More experiences costs more money! Pay the price will ya! And we went back to Tokyo by plane from Kansai Airport. Cheaper la if plane. Cost around 10,000Yen. 

My dream came true. And i want to tell u guys out there, if u have a dream to go anywhere u wanted, go ahead, dream and do it! But make a proper plans as we also have some difficulties because of no tour guide with us. Only map and also some abilities of speaking their language. Oh and also from the help of the internet. Very important! We are lucky for we got a place to stay with portable wi-fi so its easy for us to find any important infos about the trains and about our routes. And with NO TOUR GUIDES OKAY!

Dont worry to have a BIG DREAM! Just DO IT!