May 4, 2009

SEA Supervisor Academy

Assalamualaikum and hello to all readers!

I am feelin very excited today because i am goin to write about this event i went on the last 18th and 19th of April called as the SEA Supervisor Academy in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. There are 6 countries gathered here in Malaysia and the crowd was awesome! The countries are Malaysia of course, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Singapore and Phillipines. These countries are juz apart of the 70 countries that Herbalife was in.

I learned alot from our guest speakers that are Pascal Mercier from France and Bea Bos from Holland. Pascal was a policeman back then. And now he is a President Team Member! Whilst Bea was the first President Team from Dutch and now she is a Chairman's Club Member! She told us her stories and one of it touches our hearts. It is when she met Mark Hughes and Mark Hughes wishes her for her birthday! And he was on the stage! Ow, i wish it was me!!
They are now earning more money and has helped more people to change their life! Why not you?

This is Alex(left), my mum(middle) and Shahril(right). Both Alex and Shahril came all the way from Sabah just for this magnificient event. Cool huh!

This pix was taken when we are on our way to KLCC and we saw some buntings hanging at the post lamps. Really proud of it!!

This siblings is Hafiz and Atika, one of my sideline who always give me some inspiration to do Herbalife.

Madness!! Just look at the crowd!!

Pascal Mercier!! Massive Action, Massive Results!!

Bea Bos, she's a great lady!

I felt so proud lookin at them!

My beloved groups..

Lets go back! Posing with Suzie's car!

I learnt alot that day! It was a great even and it change my life. You out there! What are u waitin for? Just grab this opportunity! You wont lose a cent!

Don't blame yourself for being born poor, but blame youself for making yourself died poor.