Dec 30, 2010

2011 approaching!!!


It's going to be 2011 soon! Wow I just can't believe that I'm going to be 23!! Gosh, time really flies fast. Faster than poslaju yeah. Haha. Oh, don't bother.

New year, new determination. Well, most probably my azam in 2011 is I wanted to improve myself even better. Be more matured, maybe? Hmm, I think I'm matured, its just my looks are kid-ish looks I guess. Lots of people says that I'm 18-ish or sometimes they think that I'm still in high school or sth. Can't help it. Haha.

Being 23 means that I'm already goin to be 25 which means I should find someone already(of course as a life-partner..duhh). But it's not easy to find our soulmate,who can understands us, can tolerate things with us, well I wanted someone who can protect me(thats what every women needs, a guy who can protect their woman), and understands me(haa most important). Maybe I'll just wait and see who is the one Allah had sets for me to be my life-partner yeah.

Well, being 23 is not as bad as being 30 or 40...haha. Still long way to go. To think of it, my mum is going to be 48, and yet she looks as she is in her 30's. That's the power of HERBALIFE!!! Round of applause to HERBALIFE y'all!! So that means I dun have to worry about looking far from young. Ahaha.

Ok, back to the topic.

What I can see these days, lots of changes had happen around me. The most obvious one was Malaysia's winning on Suzuki Cup yesterday(29 Dec 2010). I was very unhappy with Malaysia's performance before this because watching their matches before this was making me feel very disappointing. Apparently, Rajagopal really did a great job over being a great coach to Malaysian football team this time. I'm so damn proud of Malaysian football team now. I wish this momentum will lasts, perhaps until Malaysian team go for World Cup? Well, who know ya?
New year is also about tutup buku lama, bukak buku baru, bak kata Ustazah dalam rancangan Semanis Kurma tu. Well, its true because sometimes we need to change into a better person when the time comes. Its not that we cannot change into a better person on normal days but being in a time where you were given a chance to have something like a new year, that means u can take tis opportunity to change into someone NEW!

So people won't think "Eh, suddenly u become so nice. U got fever meh?" or "There must be a prawn underneath the mee ya. Thats why u being so nice all of a sudden..". So, when we grab the opportunity to be someone new on the New Year itself, people will be thinking "Ha, new year, new person. Very good..."

Oh, if you cannot understand what I wrote up here, just don't even bother. I just wanted to write. Well, thats what blogs are for right?

Its 1.30am. Sleepy already. Going to bed. Tomorrow public holiday!! Ha cuti-cuti bola sepak lo!! Happy Holidays to all my beloved friends and family. Have a great new year and great life ahead yours!!!