Mar 7, 2012

A day and night life


What do I actually meant by a day and night life? Hey i didnt do naughty things okay! Its just that since i started my studies(wah3 da jadi student now ah!) i felt like i kinda have 2 kinds of life. A day and night life.

Morning. Before this, every morning i would spend my morning helping kakwati(my mum's fren) to clean her cats cage(which she actually puts them at my house). After that, i would help with the house chores. Recently i was actively jogging at kelana jaya lake and doing some pitching around there. I was known by some auntie and uncle around there. Bt after i started my studies, i didnt go there anymore. Oh i miss the lake. And the aunties and the uncles. Not forgetting the equipments as well!! Helps alot on my stretching!

Morning. Now, every morning my mum will send me to my univercity(chewahh now i study in univercity la...high class abit laa..ahaha)at puncak perdana. I studied in UiTM Puncak Perdana in Animation course. Yeah, stil at the same area of interest i guess. Its my passion. But if you say career,i would have choose HERBALIFE!!! Cuz, I prefer helping ppl getting back their health and its more dirahmati i think. Animation is something that i like to do. A hobby. Which can lead to career. Its just that in Malaysia its hard to find a good company and most of the company is based in one state. Only. Blahks.

Night. Before i was always outside, either having appts or following my mum/siblings for their appts or sometimes at home. But recently we are always outside.And always got home by midnight. Its somehow tiring but thanks to HERBALIFE, we got energetic and we never felt tired in the morning! And now, Im still arranging appts at night around 6pm below. Not forgetting weekends! Reserved for Herbalife trainings.

Its just my first week and I'm still at the beginning stage of 'extreme tiredness'. Ireally hope I can balance my studies and Herbalife cuz both of them are precious to me. To say that Animation doesnt really contribute much in Herbalife, I dun think its true. Animation is workable in any kinds of field.For instance, I can do before after photo using software that i've learnt when i was studying animation! And one day i would do an animation story about how shake works inside our body. just a simple animation but understandable.

Will write till here as for now. Dunno when I can go online again. See ya in the next entry!!