Apr 25, 2009

Herbalife Booth in Berjaya Times Square


Let's begin the day with my new stories!

Herbalife was having this gigantic booth(well, i call gigantic cuz tis is the first largest booth i've ever worked in) in berjaya Times Square starting on the last 14th April to 17th April. Amazing crowds though. I'm able to get some new customers here too! Ain't that great huh! the people are quite friendly, and i met some new Herbalife friends here too!

Here are some pictures i've taken:

Me and Wei Ni, my new Herbalife friend..she's cute..:p this pix was taken by a photographer who was passing by our booth..thanks alot Mr. Melvin!

This is on Friday where the Herbalife people from India and Thailand come by to visit our gigantic booth..and also Atika in the middle there..hehe

This is Ibu Titik, from Herbalife Indonesia, She was already 5 years in Herbalife. Thats long time already and I'm still one year..

Very empty rite? Cuz, tis time i juz came and there are not many people yet over here..

I had a great day in this booth! Next time i'm goin to join tis booth again for the next comin big event here in Malaysia!!


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