Oct 23, 2010

Convocation Day KYM International


Today is my one of the most biggest day in life. Its my convocation day!!

Some people thought that convocation is not tat important n tat makes some of friends absent on this very important gallant. To me, its one of the most memorable day of my life for i will not forget this very memorable event.

Why i am so happy about tis convocation day is tat i am one of the best student for my school who actually receiving award besides other 4 persons for different school. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for the great blessings from you!

Lots of photos taken during the day!

The main attention of the day..

Me and my beloved ibu...

Me n my brother(who become my photographer today...hahaha)

My dad n family was here too...

Alhamdulillah for the achievement..

Proud to be KYM-ian..

Press conference for best students...awesome!!

Its us!!

Its totally unforgettable...i wish that i can further my study since i decided not to pursue my studies in Linton University due to financial problems at the moment. But its ok cuz i heard that KYM also having collaboration with university outside Malaysia such as Australia and Kazakhstan. I heard UK is include too. Probably i'll try give it a shot!

Now, work first, earn money n walla!!! Here i go!!

I guess thats all for now...