Jan 31, 2010

Spectacular 2010

Assalamualaikum! Its been awhile!

Last 23nd and 24th January Herbalife is having an event called the SPECTACULAR! The whole people around Malaysia and also some from Taiwan and Vietnam(new country that Herbalife just got into) was gathered on this magnificient event! These are some pix!

Magical Arabian Night! The party we having that night!

We are on the stage for STS staff's recognition!

Rudi Samjis! A very young GET Team and he's 23 this year!

Paco Perez! Great man!

My beloved group!

We and Bill Rahn and Dato Ronnie!

Me, Millionaire Team Suzie and Intan.

Me, Millionaire Team Fadzil Muda and Intan again.

Looking at my brilliant future as a President Team by the age of 25..

I like the logo alot!

Spectacular this year has taught me alot about Herbalife and its legacy. The best thing was, Paco Perez who is Mark's Hughes best friend since he started Herbalife told us so many things about Mark. Eventho Mark is not in this world anymore, his spirit will always be with us.