Nov 18, 2016



Assalamualaikum u olls! Its been waaaaayy long since I last posted my blog. Now I am no more a Barista. I jumped back into animation field and I felt waaaayy better than before. Okay finish all the rambles and now back to my main topic!

Yes, I know there waaaayyyy many blogs talking about their budget trips to outside of Malaysia. And imma write the same thing too. But I am pretty sure so many of you guys don't know how the process to actually have that amount of money for the trip!

Yeah I'm talking about are you going to collect, say, RM3000 and buy/ pay everything at the same time? Or do you actually paying everything by stages?

I don't know bout others but how I did it? I always buy flight tickets last minutes and I still can spend less than RM5000 for overall trips to overseas(I mean only Asia guys. Asia.) Yeah kinda expensive to actually buy almost last minute flight tickets so if you guys can buy the cheapest one, PLEASE do so because I am not very good at finding cheap flight tickets.

I have done this process for 2 trips. Japan and Korea. Collecting money is tough for me. And not everyone can actually discipline themselves to collect money so i dedicated this method to those who are similar as me.

So here is how the process is done.

This stage started usually a maximum of half a year from the tentative date of the trip. This stage usually is the part where we will confirm how many people going and planning the date of the trip. We gather and discuss the budgets and in the same time checking flight ticket price from time to time. We also set up our own whatsapp group to ease the communication between everyone. SO everyone will be updated. This stage also you may discuss where you will go and how much will you spend on each visits.

After 2 months of the first meeting, we will book the place we will stay after confirmed the trip date. In this stage we didnt buy the flight ticket yet. And we book using so if the trip postpone or cancelled, it wont be a problem. Choose places that are nearby public transport such as
the trains. If you can speak their language then, its okay to take bus later on. As long as its nearby the public transport.

We got a naaaiiss room with washing machine in Korea. Stayed in 24 Guesthouse, Mapo.

At this stage usually 2 months before the trip, we will purchase the flight ticket. Yes, expensive. Must make sure everyone who will participate will buy the ticket at the same date and time(if possible) so it wont be a problem to meet there. If not then, sesat sorang2 tak boleh laa nak tolong. If already confirmed at the planning stage, can straightaway buy ticket so it shows commitment and some more, cheap lah.

This is one month before trip, save money for trip. Try la save RM500 since planning stage ke. As for me, I only bring maximum of RM1500 for expenses there. Remember this expenses is not for paying things like hotel so make sure you put aside as well for the hotel earlier.

What I also do when the trip is nearby around the corner:

1. PLEASE change the money earlier. Find the cheapest money changer you can. If last minute change at the airport, damn expensive wey.

2. Delegate money to different envelopes. Eg: Disneyland, Train, Makan, Souvenir. I usually use angpow packet and I will put big notes for different envelopes. BE DISCIPLINE! Use it as per what u have set them for. Use it wrongly and no makan for the next couple days of your trip.

3. BRING MAGGI MEE especially for Muslims which its sometimes very hard for us to find Halal food at foreign countries like Japan and Korea.

Enjoy your trip! Wifi is an important tools for you especially in Japan. Very convenient to know how to use the train to go around the places! And when you are there, remember to use their 'Touch n Go' for your travel daily!

This is SUICA, I use this is Japan.

Different countries have different experiences. We always have wifi everywhere to guide us. If you got lost, ask around! Don't be shy!

Explore the world. As a Muslim, I love to travel around and see the world that Allah creates for us. Don't be scared to explore. There are much more things in life we haven't see and its a waste to leave it be.

I would love to share some of my photos on my recent trip to South Korea.

Masjid Itaewon

This is the T-Money machine to top up your card. Similar to Touch n Go in Malaysia.

Nam Sam Tower! So many love keys!

Ticket to Everland!

Nami Island Ferry entrance

Halal korean Food. Must try!

This is what MAKAN RESTAURANT prepare for everyone. Naiss


Nami Island again

Buy and eat ice cream along Itaewon Street

Nam Dae Mun market for lots and lotsa souvenir and cheap TShirts!

Finally entrance of Nami Island

We had a lovely trip with a total budget of RM3000 each. Lovely trip! The trains was soooo convenient, we didnt get lost at all!

This is all because when I DREAM IT! I will DO IT! Everything is done with the blessings from Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah. :)