Nov 18, 2016



Assalamualaikum u olls! Its been waaaaayy long since I last posted my blog. Now I am no more a Barista. I jumped back into animation field and I felt waaaayy better than before. Okay finish all the rambles and now back to my main topic!

Yes, I know there waaaayyyy many blogs talking about their budget trips to outside of Malaysia. And imma write the same thing too. But I am pretty sure so many of you guys don't know how the process to actually have that amount of money for the trip!

Yeah I'm talking about are you going to collect, say, RM3000 and buy/ pay everything at the same time? Or do you actually paying everything by stages?

I don't know bout others but how I did it? I always buy flight tickets last minutes and I still can spend less than RM5000 for overall trips to overseas(I mean only Asia guys. Asia.) Yeah kinda expensive to actually buy almost last minute flight tickets so if you guys can buy the cheapest one, PLEASE do so because I am not very good at finding cheap flight tickets.

I have done this process for 2 trips. Japan and Korea. Collecting money is tough for me. And not everyone can actually discipline themselves to collect money so i dedicated this method to those who are similar as me.

So here is how the process is done.

This stage started usually a maximum of half a year from the tentative date of the trip. This stage usually is the part where we will confirm how many people going and planning the date of the trip. We gather and discuss the budgets and in the same time checking flight ticket price from time to time. We also set up our own whatsapp group to ease the communication between everyone. SO everyone will be updated. This stage also you may discuss where you will go and how much will you spend on each visits.

After 2 months of the first meeting, we will book the place we will stay after confirmed the trip date. In this stage we didnt buy the flight ticket yet. And we book using so if the trip postpone or cancelled, it wont be a problem. Choose places that are nearby public transport such as
the trains. If you can speak their language then, its okay to take bus later on. As long as its nearby the public transport.

We got a naaaiiss room with washing machine in Korea. Stayed in 24 Guesthouse, Mapo.

At this stage usually 2 months before the trip, we will purchase the flight ticket. Yes, expensive. Must make sure everyone who will participate will buy the ticket at the same date and time(if possible) so it wont be a problem to meet there. If not then, sesat sorang2 tak boleh laa nak tolong. If already confirmed at the planning stage, can straightaway buy ticket so it shows commitment and some more, cheap lah.

This is one month before trip, save money for trip. Try la save RM500 since planning stage ke. As for me, I only bring maximum of RM1500 for expenses there. Remember this expenses is not for paying things like hotel so make sure you put aside as well for the hotel earlier.

What I also do when the trip is nearby around the corner:

1. PLEASE change the money earlier. Find the cheapest money changer you can. If last minute change at the airport, damn expensive wey.

2. Delegate money to different envelopes. Eg: Disneyland, Train, Makan, Souvenir. I usually use angpow packet and I will put big notes for different envelopes. BE DISCIPLINE! Use it as per what u have set them for. Use it wrongly and no makan for the next couple days of your trip.

3. BRING MAGGI MEE especially for Muslims which its sometimes very hard for us to find Halal food at foreign countries like Japan and Korea.

Enjoy your trip! Wifi is an important tools for you especially in Japan. Very convenient to know how to use the train to go around the places! And when you are there, remember to use their 'Touch n Go' for your travel daily!

This is SUICA, I use this is Japan.

Different countries have different experiences. We always have wifi everywhere to guide us. If you got lost, ask around! Don't be shy!

Explore the world. As a Muslim, I love to travel around and see the world that Allah creates for us. Don't be scared to explore. There are much more things in life we haven't see and its a waste to leave it be.

I would love to share some of my photos on my recent trip to South Korea.

Masjid Itaewon

This is the T-Money machine to top up your card. Similar to Touch n Go in Malaysia.

Nam Sam Tower! So many love keys!

Ticket to Everland!

Nami Island Ferry entrance

Halal korean Food. Must try!

This is what MAKAN RESTAURANT prepare for everyone. Naiss


Nami Island again

Buy and eat ice cream along Itaewon Street

Nam Dae Mun market for lots and lotsa souvenir and cheap TShirts!

Finally entrance of Nami Island

We had a lovely trip with a total budget of RM3000 each. Lovely trip! The trains was soooo convenient, we didnt get lost at all!

This is all because when I DREAM IT! I will DO IT! Everything is done with the blessings from Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah. :)

Mar 23, 2016



Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers!

Its been awhile since I ramble inside my blog. Today I'm going to write about BARISTA.

What is BARISTA?

From Wikipedia :

barista (Italian [baˈrista]English /bəˈrstə/ bə-ree-stuh or /bəˈrɪstə/ bə-ri-stuh; from the Italian for "bartender") is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.

So many people mistaken BARISTA as a BARTENDER. Nope, definitely different. Barista makes coffee-based drinks while bartender is :

bartender (also known as a barkeepbarmanbarmaidbar cheftapster or a mixologist) is a person who formulates and serves alcoholic beverages behind the bar, usually in a licensed establishment.

Okay enough with the explanations. Why am I writing about barista?

Because now I am now officially a barista! This is one of my dream that I wanted to achieve, doing something related to art. Though I am not a coffee drinker but its a challenging life when I have to learn about what I don't really like to achieve my dream bit by bit.

This is freakin nice but too bad its not mine -_-''

I have been a barista for almost 4 months, journey was hard since I was learning only from experienced people and not theorically from a school or institute. Making drinks is my specialty and I really enjoy making drinks for people. Looking at their face when they enjoyed having a great drinks is totally a satisfaction for me. Working in F&B line fro almost 2 years, I enjoyed communicating with customers, getting their feedbacks, learning about restaurant operations and now, learning the secret behind bar. I wanna learn as much as I can so one day, In shaa Allah I may open my own restaurant and achieve my mum's dream.

Being in F&B line is totally fun. I had learned so many things as a barista. As a person who grew up around art, I look forward to learn various kinds of arts. And making drinks for people, is an art too. I enjoy myself as a barista when I have to learn about the proper way to take care of coffee beans. Its HARD. Believe me, its HARD.

But usually the HARDEST things are always challenging. 

Okay enough with the talking. Lets see some photos dude.
This is some coffee arts when I first did my tryout. At this time I am not yet a barista. But I learned so much with the experienced people in this field.

And became this

And this,

This was one of my best art when I first became a barista

Drawing on top of foam is my favorite XD

After 4 months as a became this...

And this..

I felt great that I achieved so many great artworks from my coffee arts. Sometimes I dont get that perfect look but it is way much better than when I first learned my coffee art.

This what I called as PASSION. Look forward for more arts after this!

My next target is : ROSETTA and TWO SWANS!! Go go Maichan!


May 23, 2015

A trip to Japan!


Assalamualaikum guys n girls!! Its been a while since i wrote in my blog. Its 2015 and now I am living a new life, new job, new ehem ehem and Alhamdulillah i am so grateful of my new life now.
I am currently working in a service industry which is F&B together with my sister in Subang Jaya. I have been here for quite some time. Since middle 2014 i guess. But then back to my main topic. Its not about me I wanted to ramble on. Its about my recent trip to Japan!!

Hey ho! My dream came true! Alhamdulillah! I made my dream as a reality! Even it took me more than 10 years to actually go to Japan, But at last I made it there. See? When u believe in yourself, u may actually do it! And commitment is also important!

What will I share is based on what I have experienced and it may vary to others who might be travelling there like us. Cuz we aint no travel as normal as others. We go beyond what other people may say 'you  guys are crazy'.

Why crazy? Because it's just 7 days, and we went to 4 different locations and these locations are about more than one hour distances between each other. 

Firstly we went to Tokyo.
Shibuya Street on a rainy day. Very busy street!
And the Mount Fuji.

Senbonzakura....chewahhh no lah. This is Shibazakura Festival. Only 30% blooms as for this photo was taken. And Mount Fuji behind me!

Next is Kyoto.
SKYTREE infront of Kyoto Station

And Osaka.

Some road in Osaka nearby the place that we stay.

Not forgetting Tokyo Disneyland!

See behind us? The castle on Disneys montage! Price to go inside Disneyland Theme Park : 6900Yen

Aaaaaand back to Tokyo.

This is Akihabara, guys. Heaven of Animes.

All the costs is below MYR7K only! And we got to go to 4 different places! Well our budget actually is below MYR5K but we forgot to check on the Shinkansen/ Bullet Train pricing so it went up to 7K. Oh by the way is you wanted to ride the Bullet Train, it will costs you around 13,000Yen. Oh well, More experiences costs more money! Pay the price will ya! And we went back to Tokyo by plane from Kansai Airport. Cheaper la if plane. Cost around 10,000Yen. 

My dream came true. And i want to tell u guys out there, if u have a dream to go anywhere u wanted, go ahead, dream and do it! But make a proper plans as we also have some difficulties because of no tour guide with us. Only map and also some abilities of speaking their language. Oh and also from the help of the internet. Very important! We are lucky for we got a place to stay with portable wi-fi so its easy for us to find any important infos about the trains and about our routes. And with NO TOUR GUIDES OKAY!

Dont worry to have a BIG DREAM! Just DO IT!

Aug 11, 2013

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2013!!


Selamat~hari raya~kepada saudara serta saudari~
Setahun~hanya sekali~merayakan hari yang mulia ini~~

Syawal menjelang lagi setelah sebulan berpuasa kita berjuang melawan hawa nafsu kita.

Dah lama tak update blog. Sekarang ni agak busy dengan aktiviti sebagai fulltime Herbalife Independant Distributor. Sekarang ni aku dan adik banyak melakukan aktiviti di sekitar kawasan tempat tinggal kami yakni sekitar kawasan Subang Jaya & Shah Alam je. Melalui pemerhatian kami, kebanyakan leaders herbalife banyak meluaskan group sekitar kawasan tempat tinggal mereka sahaja. Thats how we call as 'work smart'.

Hari ni nak cerita more on our raya Celebration kt Johor! Preparation sederhana je tahun ni sebab tak semua balik raya. Abang pun raya kat kampung wife dia. Oh ye! Abang aku dah selamat mendirikan rumah tangga dengan pasangannya pada bulan Mei yg lalu! Alhamdulillah, bertambah seorang lagi ahli keluarga aku. So tahun ni ktorg bertiga jela yg sambut raya pertama.

With cousins

Mesti la anak beranak vogue  kan..

Ibu dan Mak Usu yang maintan comey

3 beradik + Azlishah kazenku

Raya pertama sampai la raya ke tiga kami tidak keluar beraya sebab makcik-makcik yang datang umah so memang tak ke mana-mana lah. Raya ke empat baru lah pi beraya. Kami beraya di rumah yang berdekatan je pakai kaki.

Pakai kaki tu maksudnye jalan kaki ye. Jangan salah paham lak.

Ini la namanye pegi beraya 'pakai kaki', tak pakai roda. Ahaks. Button tak dilupa ye..

Beraya kat umah kawan-kawan sekolah ibu je. Ada la 2 buah rumah kitorg pegi dengan kederat yang ada ni hah. Bagus jugak merapatkan silaturrahim ni. Tup-tup dapat tau kawan ibu ada masalah dengan peranakan dia. Dah dekat 4 tahun tak datang haid padahal umur sama je dengan ibu. Dia tengah tunggu masa utk tentukan sama ada kena operate rahim atau tak je tu. Nampaknye ibu turun johor lagi la ek.

Ada jugak terfikir, why not ibu bukak Home Club kat Ramun ni ek? Its really a good idea! Sebab penduduk kampung ni pada aku, sangat positif kalau berkaitan hal-hal nak sihat ni. Sorang minum kat kelab, rasa sihat, rasa bertenaga, lepas tu kecoh la sekampung. Itu adalah melalui pemerhatian aku on NC kat bandar dan kampung. Biasanya penduduk kampung kan suka mencarik solution utk nak sihat; minum kopi ginseng la, minum akar-akar  kayu, guna ubat-ubat yang pelik-pelik. Means yg penduduk kampung lebih concious lagi tentang kesihatan daripada orang bandar. Ok looks like we have to go back kampung more often. Hihihi.

Kawan ibu yg lagi satu pulak tengah amek produk S*****e (nama dirahsiakan utk menjaga hakcipta terpelihara). Nooo problem tapi dengarnye macam berminat nak bermula dengan Herbalife. Tak tau la ibu cakap apa ngan dia smpai berminat terus tu ha. Biasa la Gen2 kan. Memang excited dengan cara Gen2 nye. Tugas aku dengan adik - pakai button yang menonjol. Button aku? Semestinya button "Adik saya sudah turun 23kg tanya saya bagaimana". Itu yang buat orang tertanya : Apa kebendenye 23KG tu? Nampak tak permainan kitorang kat situ? Haa itu namanya strategi marketing, boss. Ini lah cara-caranya untuk kami sampaikan mesej kepada orang-orang diluar sana tentang kepentingan NUTRISI. Bak kata Mark Hughes - Its not about the messenger; its the MESSAGE.

In shaa Allah kami akan menyebarkan misi nutrisi kami di tempat asal kami iaitu Subang Jaya & Kulaijaya.

Oklah nanti saya akan update lagi. Akhir kata:



Jan 23, 2013

Searching for Mr Right


Selepas beberapa hari menempuh cuti semester ni, aku byk melakukan aktiviti ngn sideline aku cik Aida Cekeda kt area gombak, setapak dan sewaktu dengannya. It was totally fun, sbb aku nak rasa buat field work ngn sideline sbb byk sgt perkara bole belajar ngn diorg ni.

Cuma satu je perkara yg aku takut. Waktu balik rumah. You see, aku akn balik sorg2, which actually kekadang tu agk menakutkan jugak la sebab, come on, jalan sorg2 kot! Hari-hari aku alami macam2 experience yg menakutkn ngn org sekeliling aku, bukanlah bermaksud yg ada org2 jahat disekeliling aku tapi org2 yg pelik mmg byk. Aku tak prejudge diorg, mmg tak. Aku cuma doa supaya aku selamat balik. Tu je.

Kebetulan ada satu hari tu aku balik naik LRT, dlm tren ada dlm 6 org je. Ada sorg lelaki ni aku perasan dr td, dia asyik dok dekat2 ngn aku. Aku cuba lari dr dia. Masuk tren plak, dia duduk satu row kerusi ngn aku. Nsb la jauh sikit. Kalo dkt mmg aku lari g kerusi lain. Dia tnya aku "Awak ni Melayu ye? Ingatkn Somalia..", aku senyum je pstu buat tak layan dia. Rupa dia agak menakutkn, asyik tgk2 aku je dari tadi. Aku ni nmpak je mcm cool tapi sebenarnya aku takut..serius aku takut!

Dlm tren tu tak ramai org, kalo nk lari pun aku nk lari mana..huu..pastu aku baca la ayat kursi, 4 qul, semua lah yg aku ingat. Masa tren kt Sri Rampai, dia pun blah. Alhamdulillah...bnyak kali sebenarnya jadi camni. Nak taknak kena berlagak cool n relax. And! Doa byk2 la supaya aku selamat balik rumah.

Disebabkan perkara2 cmni la yg mmbuatkan aku terfikir dan tringinkn seseorang berstatus suami utk menjaga dan menemani aku sepanjang aku berada dlm bisnes ni. Walaupun aku ada taekwondo black belt 1st Dan, aku mmg perlukan seorang suami jugak utk jaga keselamatan dan kesejahteraan aku. Cewahh!

Well, impian seorang wanita seperti aku ni mmg la nak berkahwin awal kn, mana taknya, impian aku is nk kahwin pada umur 25 tahun which is tahun ni!

And utk all the girls out there, ingat ye, kita mencari lelaki utk dijadikan suami, bukan boyfren ataupun skandal ataupun sewaktu dengannya. Jadi, niat kena betul. Sama gk mcm lelaki, cari wanita utk dijadikan isteri bkn spare part mahupun survey ok..

Aku tak pernah ada pun pengalaman bercinta ni. Nk ada boyfriend jauh sekali. Tapi yup, tak dinafikan aku pernah ada boyfriend sekali...only once and itu la first tym aku couple iaitu pada umur 21 tahun. Tu pun sebab nak rasa camna ada bf. Tapi sebab niat aku hanya sebab nk rasa camne ada bf, Allah hanya bagi aku rasa dia jd bf jela. Hm..again, niat kena betul! Tak lama pun aku ngn dia, 3 minggu je. Walau camne pun, aku still jaga batas2 sebagai seorang Muslimah dlm relationship cmni. Tapi aku redha, lagipun aku xde perasaan yg mendalam sgt kt si lelaki tu.

Aku sentiasa berdoa mintak kt Allah percepatkn jodoh aku. Bukan sebab gatal nak kahwin ke apa, tapi sebab aku nk seorang partner yg boleh sama2 jd bisnes n life partner aku. Aku nk bina hidup aku dari sekarang, sebab aku dh msuk umur 25, dan ini merupakan musim2 berkahwin bg umur aku. Haha.

Ada sesetengah kawan yg takmau kawin awal. Takpe la, korg mmg taknak, aku nak. Jgn samakan aku ngn korg. Aku nk anak cepat. Sebab tak sabar2 nk try produk Herbalife masa pregnant. Nak jugak buat mcm Amalina ngn Ain Peter n also Kak Nadia. Pregnant ngn Herbalife. Mst comel gile la anak aku nnt! :D

Ain selepas melahirkan anak ke-2, pregnant dgn mengamalkn nutrisi Herbalife

Hari ni aku tulis pasal ni, sebab aku nk share ngn u alls pasal experience aku berjalan keluar sorg diri. N ni la salah satu sebab kenapa aku nk kawin awal. Aku berdoa supaya aku dipercepatkn bertemu jodoh dan supaya aku dpt seorang suami yg boleh bawa aku ke syurga dan pastinye aku nk bersama2 dia hingga ke syurga, InsyaAllah.

When i can DREAM IT, I can also DO IT!!

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Jan 20, 2013

U all betul SERIUS ke nak makan Herbalife ni?


Teringat satu pengalaman dlm Herbalife yg susah nk dilupakan which berlaku lebih kurang awal tahun 2012.

Saya get in contact balik dgn semua customer n prospect yg 3 tahun lps punye.

"Salam kak, apa khabar? Ingt sy lagi tak? Sy masih dgn Herbalife lagi. Kalau akk masih berminat nak turun berat bdn, boleh contact sy ok. Tq. "

Dan salah seorg customer lama sy reply tapi, nampaknya tak berapa mesra sgt cara jwpnnya. Kita gelar dia Puan X.

Puan X ada masalah berat bdn yg melampau, 130kg, dlm mse setahun dia mkn Herbalife, brt yg turun x brape menggalakkan. U all yg jd coach tu kene faham, u all akn berjumpa dgn org2 mcm ni, so SABAR je byk2 sbb ni dugaan yg Allah bagi kt kita.

Sy mmg nak dia stat balik sbb dia kata berat dia masih sama mcm dulu tp dia xnk mkn Herbalife dh. Sy encourage dia utk mkn, sbb sy mmg nak sgt sgt tolong dia.

Dia kata dia dh spend byk duit beli produk(which dia beli F1 je pun tiap bulan) tp berat x turun2, yg untung duit tu sy, dia x untung ape2.

Mula2 sy rasa bersalah sbb sy fikir sy ni coach yg tak baik sbb tak coach dia betul2. Cuma bila sy fikir balik, dia hanya mkn f1, lps tu ptg2 dia mkn mihun goreng, pstu asyik2 nk g mkn kenduri, jd bukanlah salah sy kalau dia x turun berat bdn. Byk kali sy ajar dia cara mkn Herbalife yg betul. Even dia pernah jumpa ngn Naza/ Bub yg dh turun 50kg utk tanya mcmana Naza turun berat sebanyak tu.

Conclusion dia senang je. Dia sendiri yg tak boleh DISIPLIN, so, its not my fault.

Sy hanya memberi info n ajar ttg Herbalife. Macamana dia nk apply info tu kt diri dia, depends kt dia. Sy hanya tunjuk jalan je. Result yg dia x dpt tu adalh kerana salah dia sndiri sbb xbole nk DISIPLIN.

Jom kita fikir balik, yg tak dpt result ngn Herbalife tu. First of all, U ALL DENGAR CAKAP COACH TAK? Kalau coach kate minum air 3liter, u all buat tak cmtu? Kalau coach kate shake 2 kali n 1 normal meal, u all buat cmtu x?

Biasanya TAK.

Experience sy dlm Herbalife ni mmg lebih dr 3 tahun lamanya, ramai customer yg xnk dgr ckp coach. Resultnye? Tak dpt la result yg diorg nak.

Secondly, BETUL KE U ALL SERIUS NAK TURUN/ NAIK BERAT BDN?? Kalau serius, kenapa taknak buat betul2? Kenapa byk sgt alasan utk makan Herbalife?

Buat apa2 pun, kalau tak serius, CONFIRM takkan jadi. Contohnya, kahwin. Ada tak sesiapa yg kawin sebab suka-suka je nak kawin? Takde kn? Mesti kene ada komitmen! Bkn murah nk kawin kn? Sama la mcm Herbalife.

Nak buat apa benda pun dlm hidup, kena ada KOMITMEN dan DISIPLIN yg tinggi so kita boleh dapatkn apa yg kita nak dlm hidup ni. Hanya sekadar berkongsi, bukan berniat untuk mengajar.

SERIUS nak TURUN/ NAIK berat badan atau nak IMPROVE tahap kesihatan dan kulit muka? Sedia nk bagi komitmen dlm program Herbalife? Do contact me and i will show u the best program and the best breakfast in the world made bt doctors. 0123106321/

If u can DREAM IT, u can definitely DO IT!

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Entri kali ni aku nk bercakap pasal SPECTACULAR!! Okay knapa aku excited pasal spectacular?

Ini merupakan Spectacular ke-2 aku sebenarnya. Walaupun kebanyakan u alls tau aku dh bersama Herbalife almost 5 tahun, tapi baru satu je Spectacular aku pernah pegi.

My first Spectacular kt Berjaya Times Square tahun 2010

Yes. Sebelum ni aku tak serius langsung nk buat bisnes Herbalife sbb aku fikir ibu aku dh buat bisnes ni, stabil pulak tu so aku xde la fikir sgt pasal nk seriusly into this biz.

Tapi selepas aku dh mula bekerja semasa berumur 21 tahun, aku mula fikirkn balik psl life aku masa bekerja. Yes, I do LOVE my job sebab hati aku masih lagi into animation lg masa tu. Tapi disebabkn masalah kewangan melanda sykt tu, aku benti keje n jadi penganggur sementara.

Semasa bekerja sebagai animator

November 2011 aku dpt offer kerja dlm Oil & Gas sebagai HR Assistant. Mesti u alls rasa keje Oil & Gas ni cm exclusive habes kn, sebab, come onnn,, Oil & Gas bro!!! Tapi hakikatnya kerja cm org lain jugak. 9 to 5, hari2 ngadap bos yg garang, takde life ngn family, siap kene bebel ngn ibu lagi tu sbb jarang spend time ngn dia.

Genap setahun aku ngn company tu, aku decide utk sambung blaja dlm Degree in Animation. Maka bermula lah titik hidup aku sebagai pelajar semula.

Tahun 2012 aku pun decide utk mula semula dgn Herbalife setelah beberapa tahun menjadi consumer shaja. Life as animation student amatlah pack, aku rasa susah nk buat Herbalife masa blaja.

Tapi tu semua alasan. Aku sebenarnya sentiasa ada masa utk share psl Herbalife kt kwn2 kolej. Dan, mmg betul, aku curi masa dlm kelas sikit2 uk share psl Herbalife kt kwn2 kelas. Dan resultnya, Alhamdulillah aku dpt customer dr kolej.

Kini aku dh mula nampak hala tuju aku dlm bisnes ni. Aku rasa rugi sgt sebab tak mula betul2 buat Herbalife masa umur 19 dulu. Tapi NO PROBLEM! Allah tau aku belum sedia lg masa tu. Segala yg berlaku ada hikmahnya.

Sebab tu aku decide utk attend Spectacular kali ni by hook or crook dan aku anggap perjalanan aku kali ni baru saja bermula! Jadi walau berapa lama pun u all dh bersama dlm Herbalife, jgn quit! Mungkin kali ni adalah masa yg tepat utk u all bergerak laju dlm bisnes ni.

Perjalanan aku dlm bisnes kali kedua ni walaupun bermula slow tapi aku pasti akan dpt achiecve level President Team dlm masa 2 tahun lagi InsyaAllah. Seperti yg aku nyatakan tadi, hati aku into animation. Tapi sekarang hati aku 100% pasti aku mmg untuk Herbalife.

Warga-warga Gen H/ bawah umur 30 tahun di luar sana, mulalah fikir psl masa depan u alls sebab kalo u alls masih fikir nak tggu habis belajar, dpt keje syarikat best2, aku yakin, gaji yg u alls dapat tu takkan best mcm gaji kami dlm Herbalife. Sebab aku dh lalui dulu apa yg u alls bakal graduan ni rasa, bekerja ngn orang.

Berminat utk tahu camne nak buat part time/ full time dlm Herbalife? Boleh contact/ whatsapp 0123106321.
Kalau segan2 silu boleh email di sini -

Masa depan u alls depends on DECISION u alls sekarang.

Dream it & Do it. Salam.

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Jan 15, 2013

Wanita berhijab?


Hari ni aku nk tulis sikit psl pemakaian tudung bg wanita Islam. Knapa ek? Sbb pakai tudung&tutup aurat tu kn anjuran dlm Islam.

Ni gmbr aku ngn Arcelona, Mill Team dr Indonesia..sekadar gmbar hiasan..

Aku sendiri pun mula pakai tudung secara serius pun mse umur 20-an. Jd aku rasa buat apa nk dedah2 rambut ni. Pakai tudung jimat sikit duit drpd kita ssh2 nk g salun utk cantikkan rambut. Biarla si suami je yg melihat rambut si isterinya tu. Xyah sibuk nk tjk org lain.

Selalu aku dgr org ckp cmni -

"Aku xpakai tudung pun aku baik okeee. Drpd si polan tu pakai tudung pun g clubbing gk.."

Cuba kita kira pahala yg bole dpt kalo xpakai tudung. Cthnya, jd baik : 1 pahala, pakai tudung : 1 pahala. Kalau xbaik : 1 dosa, xpkai tudung : 1 dosa.

1. Tak pakai tudung + baik = 1 dosa 1 pahala
2. Pakai tudung + baik = 2 pahala
3. Pakai tudung + xbaik = 1 pahala 1 dosa
4. Tak pakai tudung + tak baik = 2 dosa

So adakah kita lg rela dpt 1 atau 2 pahala? Mmg la ada sesetengah mereka yg memakai tudung tu pun ada buat dosa tersendiri tp tu antara mereka dan Allah. Tp kalau u olls yg tak pakai tudung ni mula tutup aurat, dan kekalkn terus jd baik lg dpt extra pahala kn?

Hanya ingin berkongsi..taklah ditujukan kepada sesiapa yg spesifik tp kepada semua muslimin d luar sana yg ada keinginan utk berhijab. InsyaAllah u olls akn tau betapa bestnya pakai tudung ni.

Siapa kata pakai tudung takleh bergaya? Cuba tengok Amalina Peter President Team termuda Herbalife kita! Cantik je walaupun pakai tudung labuh.

President Team Herbalife Amalina Peter & Abqari

InsyaAllah aku juga akan mengikut jejak langkah mentor kesayangan aku tu. Amin.

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Oct 31, 2012



Nafsu makan. Kenapa kita tak boleh control nafsu makan? Bukan ke badan kita ni kita sendiri yang boleh control? Ataupun kita sendiri yang di'control' oleh badan kita?

Cuba fikir2kan.

Makan ialah suatu aktiviti yg perlu untuk menambah tenaga dalam badan utk melakukan pekerjaan harian. Ramai yg MAKAN untuk HIDUP dulu la. Skang ni, da terbalik, ramai lagi yang HIDUP untuk MAKAN. Cuba kita fikir, kenapa kita makan ek?

Dalam Herbalife, saya belajar bahawa kita MAKAN untuk HIDUP. Sebab tu tak perlu ada rungutan seperti "Susahlah makan Herbalife, tak boleh makan best2.." ataupun, "Tak kenyang lah..". Kalau kita fikir betul2, kenapa nak merungut kalau tak cukup makan?

Tak fikir ke camne they all yang tak cukup makan, anak2 yang miskin dan kelaparan tu? Kalau puasa boleh pulak tahan makan? Yelah kalau tak puasa nanti dosa pulak.

Ada jugak yang terlalu obses taknak gemuk, diet gila-gila. Taknak makan pagi ngn malam, sanggup mkn sekali je sehari. Tapi silapnye, air masak minum tak cukup pulak. Sanggup makan sayur pelbagai jenis. Ada yang blend sayur2 n minum. Kalau saya, mungkin saya tak nak diet macam tu sbb saya cerewet sangat bab makan ni.

Kadang-kadang ramai org Melayu kita ni ada sifat MALAS. MALAS nak jaga makan. MALAS nak diet. MALAS nak berubah. MALAS nak control nafsu makan. Terlalu comfort sangat dengan keadaan sekarang.

I found this quote :

We are what we eat. Kalau makan burger hari-hari, memang akan jadi mcm size burger. Kalau makan makanan bergula tinggi hari-hari, memang akan dapat diabetes/ kencing manis. Ramai orang Malaysia lebih rela spend duit untuk makan makanan tak berkhasiat sekarang dan lepas tu bila dah sakit, spend duit kat hospital sedangkan mereka boleh elak daripada dapat penyakit kronik seperti sakit jantung, darah tinggi dan kencing manis.

Nafsu makan merupakan salah satu cabaran yang Allah beri pada kita. Sama ada kita dapat kawal atau tidak, terpulang pada kita. Sama ada kita nak berubah jadi orang yang berjaya, atau miskin selama-lamanya sehingga anak cucu cicit kita pun ikut sama macam apa yang kita buat sekarang.

Mahu ubah hidup? Hubungi saya 012-310-6321/


Sep 18, 2012

Adha lost 4kg in 1.5 mths!


Hari ni nk update satu testimoni on one of my customer, cik Nurul Adha yg bertemu dgn saya melalui flyer response. Kt UiTM sy ada letak pocket flyer kt surau2 kt sana. Alhamdulillah ada jugak yg respon.

Adha bermula program pada 11 june 2012, skarang ni Adha dh lost a total of 4kg dlm masa 1 bulan setengah! Adha sebelum ni da cuba macam2 produk cuma sbb takde coach, dia xdpt nk buat consistently.

Adha merupakan pelajar jurusan pengurusan seni, sama fakulti dgn saya di UiTM Puncak Perdana.

Misi saya ialah untuk menyihatkan golongan2 entertainment industry sbb mereka ni x brape nk jaga kesihatan sgt especially golongan animators yg keje nye duduk sepanjang masa(bangun pun kalo tension atau nk g lunch je). Ramai golongan animators yg menjadi OBESE kerana lifestyle yg agak 'SIHAT' ni.

Syukur lah lecturer sy di KYM da mula mkn Herbalife, n dh turun 1.3kg dlm masa 2 mggu. En Ramley, sila teruskan program dgn penuh komitmen dan berdisiplin ok! Harapan sy ialah nk bantu lecturer sy yg lain2 tak kira lh lecturer KYM ataupun UiTM. Tggu masa je yg akan membukakan mata mereka.

Itu testimoni hari ni. Will update again on testimoni customer sy yg lain2 tu next time.

Interested to be like them? U may contact me at 012 310 6321 or email me at
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Jul 31, 2012

Ramadhan di Masjid


Ramadhan tahun ni kebanyakan masanya kami berbuka di masjid. Dari satu masjid ke satu masjid. Until today, dah 5 buah masjid yg kami visit utk berbuka puasa.

Of course, berbuke di masjid akan makan nasik punye! Cuma bezanya kami as herbalifers akan berbuka dengan shake, tea, aloe and kurma! Lps tu solat maghrib, then baru lah makannn...ohh jgn lupa air masak, aspek terpenting yg perlu dimasukkn ke dalam badan mereka yg bernama manusia ini - kita lah!

Tarawikh mmg tak penat! Tak goyang2! Wow!

Pengalaman hari pertama berbuka puasa hari tu, di masjid terapung kt puchong..em dh lupe nama masjid ni. Anyway, hri pertama tu agak
penat, sbb makan nasik berlaukkn daging kari *wow*. Ktorg amek shake, cume ktorg x amek teamix sbb air panas x smpt beli. Resultnye - ngantok ya amat!

Maka nye hari kedua tu - berbuka di Masjid Darul Ehsan SS15, terus siap2 bli air panas! Saya n ibu xdpt makan nasik. Ktorg mkn bubur lambok je, okla dpt mkn gk kan. Alhamdulillah, hri kedua ni x penat langsung sbb da minom teamix panas! Energetic semasa tarawih!!

Masjid yang dahulunya sekolah agamaku...

Kami ada jugak berbuka di Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq SS19(masjid yg slalu pegi masa duk subang sbb dekat), Masjid al-Falaq USJ(x ingat USJ brape..haa..) ngn masjid kt bangsar.

Cerita pasal masjid di Bangsar ni, saya n ibu duduk sama2 ngn seorang makcik ni, badan besar, dia tny kami minum air ape tu? Air herba ke? Ibu ckp, air ni high nutrition n so on. Borak gitu2 jela. Mse tgh2 mkn berbuka, hidung makcik tu berdarah, byk sgt darah keluar. Saya terkjot sgt tengok, terus bg tisu kt dia. Makcik tu mkn byk sgt, pstu dgn hidung berdarah lg, makcik ni mmg sah sakit. Kesian sgt tgk dia. Ya Allah berilah hidayah kt makcik ni supaya dia nk berubah mnjadi lebih sihat, insyaAllah..

Gambar hiasan je oke..

Oh lupa pulak, ayah saya skarang sdg menunaikan umrah di Tanah Suci Mekah selama 10 hari. Jom sama2 doakan ayah sentiasa dilindungi Allah di sana dan juga bila dia dah balik nanti oke! Amiinn..

Me and ayah before ayah departing

So kpada anda yang ingin nk rasakan mcmana berbuka dgn makanan AWESOME yg kami Herbalifers ambek mase berbuka, do not hesitate to call me.

I am a personal wellness coach and I can help u achieve a better health and great energy in Ramadhan and after Ramadhan, InsyaAllah. 0123106321/

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