Jul 3, 2009

Extravaganza Korea!!

Assalamualaikum!! It's been awhile i didnt write here.

I've been waiting for 2 months to write about Korea in here! Dont blame me for I dun have internet at home, i can only write in here if i got to go cybercafe or borrow other ppl's internet. Oh nevermind. Here is what i wanted to ramble about my mum's trip to Korea!!

My mum went for a trip in Korea for tis one event called Extravaganza on the last 19th and 20th of June 2009. Too bad i didnt get to go there...its sad n dissapointing since me and my sister wants to go there very badly. I didnt go cuz first, budget not enough la hehe, second is i was doing my animation project n the presentation will be on the following week tat is 6 July! Yeah, its better i stay home n finish my animation first rite!

Eventhough i didnt get the chance to go, my mum actually went there and she brought back lots of cool stuffs! Such as USB Drive 2Gb n got Herbalife name on top of it. She told me its about 14,000 won i think. Oh well, thanks ibu!! Loooovvvee uu!!

They got on board on the 17th June around 11.30pm in KLIA. I tak dapat hantar, no transport to go home later..hua..Ok they arrived on the next day, 18th June morning around 7am and went for jalan-jalan. Here are some nice pix taken by my mum.

Tired picking up their stuffs...that's probably what I think my mum was trying to say...

The roads there are exactly like what I saw in Korean dramas on TV!

They have a masjid here!

See? Told ja!

Cute cookies!

So proud!

Wonder who's tis? =,=

She's posing again...hehe

Morning in Korea!

Our group! It's just me who wasn't there!

Abang Nasir and Kak As! Love u guys!!

Berjalan-jalan in Korea!

So pretty!

Nice views!

Nam dae-mun!

Herbalife office in Korea!!

Dong Dae-mun! Lots of shoes!

I like these outfits!!

Everland! Reminds me of one Korean drama!
Scary things..