Jan 20, 2009

Herbalife Spectacular and 3rd year Anniversary

Last 17 and 18th of January, Herbalife was having a big event called the Spectacular and also 3rd year Anniversary of Herbalife in Malaysia. There's was more than 1000 people came and the training was awesome! I've learned a lot! They also had this costume party on the 17th at nite. I dressed as a Shinigami..this costume was sewed by my mum herself. Amazing huh? We dint sleep at all dat friday nite. All i can say dat, i had achieved one of my dream, dat is play cosplay eventhough its nt a real cosplay event. Thx Herbalife!!

Tis pix is me n other of my gang members..heheh can detect which one is me?

Tis superman guy was 100+ kg last tym, nw he lost 30kg!! I wonder how wil he look like if he wore tat superman suit last tym..hehe jangan mare ye..

Tis guy is a Millionaire Team Member Tom Wong. He came all d way fr Hong Kong.

Tis guy is Paulo Fradiano, a GET Team member from Portugal. Funny guy..well to me he looks like Mr.Bean(dun get angry huh..) heheh

I love being in Herbalife because everybody in here was very kind towards each other besides being energetic all d tym!! My experinces dat i got thru tis 2 days event was unforgettable n it changed me to be a better person and more matured than i was before. I LOVE HERBALIFE!!


  1. U gals n Abu were so cool! Samurai family! yeah!
    Tom was so cool and Paulo was so cute too!
    (Btw, mana gambar cece? My photo is not worth showing off meh? Quite comel also i think...hehe)

  2. waaa!! ade gmbaar adik saye pun ade!


    Mesti best kan2!!

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