Dec 19, 2008

My College Life Has Begun!

Last 18 Dec i was enrolled back to my college in Melaka..huhu cant wait to finish my studies.. i wanted to find my own money. Well, i better do my final best than ever! Since I was going to continue with a different subject after tis..

I studied animation in one of college in Melaka named Kolej yayasan melaka. It is fun studying there. The lecturers are good! They are very talented people that have been in animation industry for a long, long tym. I salute them very much, I admit dat i learned a lot from them.

Animation is fun, since i really like drawing so much. But seems dat sumthing is missing, i wasnt satisfied with what i studied nw. I m really jealous seeing all of my frens achieving wat they want in their life. When i look back, i realised dat i was actually more interested in doing paintings and sketchings. I was thinking to study Fine Art. But before i started study dat, i should do sum research bout wat is Fine Art.

Now, i have to find more money!
To enjoy my study, I have to enjoy my life!
To enjoy my life I have to be healthy!

Dats all for now, u ppl should browse more down here..heheh...


  1. Hey Hey Hey Yo!
    Healthy = Wealthy

    I'm totally agreed with you, but does
    Wealthy = Money

    Wealthy = generosity, giving, contributing benefit and happiness for others, serving human kind.

    To be able to do all that you need to be "Healthy" so that you could continue to be wealthy.

    The money will come when you don’t expect it along the way.


  2. Yeah3 dats so true! Cuz to get money we muz be healthy to go to work rite! And what i meant by wealthy is to receive, we have to give. That to be included is, to giv ur knowledge or to give ur help or to giv sedekah..etc2 that's fr my pt of view..

    yeah3 nxt tym can borrow me ur orchestra song huh! hehe