Mar 8, 2010

Our Latest Pictures

Salam! These are our new testimonies as for 2010! We have already been in Herbalife for almost 2 years and never visit the clinic anymore. Let's together change our beloved Malaysia to a healthy Malaysia!!

JAMALIAH(my mum), 48 years old, ASTHMA for 20 years now GONE, no more ATHRITIS problem, URIC ACID normal, total lost 10kg

MAISARAH(me), 22 years old, ASTHMA(usually have to take oxygen cuz inhaler cant work for me) no more, SINUS totally improved, ECHZEMA improved, PERIOD regulate(before this, 2 mths once i wil have my period), RESHAPED 12cm around my HIPS, GAIN a total of 5kg muscle mass.

NATALIA(my sister), 18 years old, MILD HYPERTENSION gone, PERIOD normal(before this she had her period 3 to 4 mths once), IMBALANCE HORMONE since 6 years old, total lost 23kg in 10 mths(88 kg now 65kg) and STILL losing WEIGHT and INCHES.

JAMIL(my bro), 23 years old, before this he got bad morning SINUS,SKIN irritation(face and body), ASTHMA, ALLERGIC to cat's fur, LOW energy(always tired and sleepy in class). Now, morning sinus GONE, asthma GONE, skin IMPROVEMENT,NO MORE allergic to cat's fur, HIGH energy(3 hours of lecture no problem; even after 2 hours of futsal,energy still maintain), health improvement. BONUS! LOST almost 15kg, almost 5 INCHES around waist and amazingly he can already WEAR S sized shirt(cuz before this he can only wear XL size).

These amazing result is not easy to be earn with just a normal diet and regular exercise for we didn't feed our body with enough nutrition. It's better if u make FOOD as your MEDICINE, not making MEDICINE your FOOD.


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