Dec 30, 2010

2011 approaching!!!


It's going to be 2011 soon! Wow I just can't believe that I'm going to be 23!! Gosh, time really flies fast. Faster than poslaju yeah. Haha. Oh, don't bother.

New year, new determination. Well, most probably my azam in 2011 is I wanted to improve myself even better. Be more matured, maybe? Hmm, I think I'm matured, its just my looks are kid-ish looks I guess. Lots of people says that I'm 18-ish or sometimes they think that I'm still in high school or sth. Can't help it. Haha.

Being 23 means that I'm already goin to be 25 which means I should find someone already(of course as a life-partner..duhh). But it's not easy to find our soulmate,who can understands us, can tolerate things with us, well I wanted someone who can protect me(thats what every women needs, a guy who can protect their woman), and understands me(haa most important). Maybe I'll just wait and see who is the one Allah had sets for me to be my life-partner yeah.

Well, being 23 is not as bad as being 30 or 40...haha. Still long way to go. To think of it, my mum is going to be 48, and yet she looks as she is in her 30's. That's the power of HERBALIFE!!! Round of applause to HERBALIFE y'all!! So that means I dun have to worry about looking far from young. Ahaha.

Ok, back to the topic.

What I can see these days, lots of changes had happen around me. The most obvious one was Malaysia's winning on Suzuki Cup yesterday(29 Dec 2010). I was very unhappy with Malaysia's performance before this because watching their matches before this was making me feel very disappointing. Apparently, Rajagopal really did a great job over being a great coach to Malaysian football team this time. I'm so damn proud of Malaysian football team now. I wish this momentum will lasts, perhaps until Malaysian team go for World Cup? Well, who know ya?
New year is also about tutup buku lama, bukak buku baru, bak kata Ustazah dalam rancangan Semanis Kurma tu. Well, its true because sometimes we need to change into a better person when the time comes. Its not that we cannot change into a better person on normal days but being in a time where you were given a chance to have something like a new year, that means u can take tis opportunity to change into someone NEW!

So people won't think "Eh, suddenly u become so nice. U got fever meh?" or "There must be a prawn underneath the mee ya. Thats why u being so nice all of a sudden..". So, when we grab the opportunity to be someone new on the New Year itself, people will be thinking "Ha, new year, new person. Very good..."

Oh, if you cannot understand what I wrote up here, just don't even bother. I just wanted to write. Well, thats what blogs are for right?

Its 1.30am. Sleepy already. Going to bed. Tomorrow public holiday!! Ha cuti-cuti bola sepak lo!! Happy Holidays to all my beloved friends and family. Have a great new year and great life ahead yours!!!

Nov 28, 2010

Missing here, missing there...

Assalamualaikum! These days I felt like I missed something, either its someone or some'things'. Well maybe since i didnt attend Herbalife STS, hmm probably I've started missing my Gen-H buddies.

Guys! I actually missed u ppl!

Talking about MISS, when i looked back at my life(which i dun really like to remember the past especially about something not good in life), I just remembered there's alot of ppl i didnt contact either thru phone or online. Yeah sometimes they've changed number or they're outside from Malaysia. Who knows ya?

'Missing you' is a song by Gackt. Yeah its a SUTEKI song(which means WONDERFUL! Yay!). Oh bother.

Gackt Kamui

Uh-huh! I MISS my Japanese teacher Miss Sugiyama! Doko desuka anata? Genki da? Atashiwa koko ni itsumo -itsumo genki da!! Wonder when i can continue my Japanese class again. Wanna go to Japan! Hai hai ikuyo!!!

I also MISS my college buddies, my lecturers. Hope you ppl are doing fine! Yosh!

Sometimes i also misput some stuffs and i got lost. Or shall I say, i got missing things. These reminds me of 'A place called Here', by Cecilia Ahern. Also, another SUTEKI book! I cried on the few last pages while reading it.

MISS my cousins as well. Hey! Lets go watch movies!! I wanna watch Rapunzel! Or maybe something else? Eh he he...

Now i'm missing Amar, Ummu, Sentot, Cakol, Nyet-nyet, Rahimah and Bea back at home(well, im in office now). Amar is now a handsome young cat!! He's a super hyperactive cat now! Ummu has grown up and becoming a pretty young cat~mish u cute little mushy potato...u wait ya, i go back later i cuddle u all strongly! Haha!!

Okay, i started to talk craps now. Well then, MISS could be interpreted into so many things. Each of us have different ideas about how MISS playing its role in our life. Anyway, its not hard to miss people that u love especially if u have someone special rite..(well, i still dun have one yet). To me, those people whom I love most is my FAMILY. Ibu, Abang, Adik, Ayah, Mama and Faiz. LOVE U GUYS VERY MUCH!! <3 <3

Okay then i'll write till here. Will write again soon. Maybe what i wrote today is a lil bit out of topic. But MISS is also very SIMPLE, FUN and MAGICAL!!!



Nov 26, 2010

Adobe is coming back to me...

Assalamualaikum n hello everyone!! Oh its been awhile!!

Hello again, really miss writing in here. Last time i wrote about me convo-ing in Melaka... So how's my life after convocation day ya? Well, apparently i am already working now. The company i'm working in is going to be my secret..Nah..i'll tell one day.

My job is fun, designing and video-ing which means i'm into Adobe Flash and Adobe Premiere again! God, i almost forget everything about those best-friend of mine. Well, its fun to discover more about them as i actually have to do video using them. Somehow i dunno why, i think they are not very kind to me that much(let me remind, i'm talking about those softwares ok). Oh i wish there is anyone who can help me with those softwares. Oh nevermind then.

Even so, I'm still with Herbalife ok!! Herbalife is my life also!!

Okay i dun think i'll write so much. In office now. Going back already! Will write again soon!!


Oct 23, 2010

Convocation Day KYM International


Today is my one of the most biggest day in life. Its my convocation day!!

Some people thought that convocation is not tat important n tat makes some of friends absent on this very important gallant. To me, its one of the most memorable day of my life for i will not forget this very memorable event.

Why i am so happy about tis convocation day is tat i am one of the best student for my school who actually receiving award besides other 4 persons for different school. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for the great blessings from you!

Lots of photos taken during the day!

The main attention of the day..

Me and my beloved ibu...

Me n my brother(who become my photographer today...hahaha)

My dad n family was here too...

Alhamdulillah for the achievement..

Proud to be KYM-ian..

Press conference for best students...awesome!!

Its us!!

Its totally unforgettable...i wish that i can further my study since i decided not to pursue my studies in Linton University due to financial problems at the moment. But its ok cuz i heard that KYM also having collaboration with university outside Malaysia such as Australia and Kazakhstan. I heard UK is include too. Probably i'll try give it a shot!

Now, work first, earn money n walla!!! Here i go!!

I guess thats all for now...


Aug 7, 2010

Pursuing my Studies!


Ramadhan is just around the corner! I read in the newspaper they said tat melihat anak bulan will be on 10th of August. Ramadhan could be startin around 11 August. Oh cant wait! This year we celebrate Ramadhan with our 123 Herbalife Meal.

Today i received a great news. Guess what? I'll be pursuing my studies in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan starting on September! I'm going to be pursuing in Bachelor in Illustrations. Why i actually choose illustrations instead of animation?

Its not that i dont like animations, its just tat i wanted more than just animating. I wanted to brush out my skills in illustrations, in paintings, in drawings. I wanted to see how talented i am in art. Maybe i can open an art studio? Haha but Herbalife is still with me,no worries.

I am going to be studying in malaysia for a year and another year I'll fly to UK. Thats a great thing ya? Haha its my dream to actually pursuing my studies overseas, well i'm expecting Japan. But its okay,its an offer rite? I shud not decline.

Its going to be a GREAT experience there ya! Wish me all the best ok!!


Jul 19, 2010

My 2 very busy weekend


Hujung minggu lepas-lepas ni mmg minggu yg sangat sibuk! Dua hari lepas baru balik dari Johor. Hari tu pulak(last 2 weeks) kami baru pulang dari Temerloh, visit kawan buat Family Day kat sana. Ape2 pun thanks for the LOVELY MEAL~emm!! Ikan patin masak tempoyak ngn laksa yg memang sedap gile!

First tym actually saya makan masakan tempoyak ni...sedap jugak ek! Taktau bile lagi boleh makan ni...kat kedai pun susah nak jumpe..

Pagi minggu tu sebelum g Temerloh, kami ke Majlis Perkahwinan Ika & Rudy kat Masjid Wilayah. How lovely! Ika cantik sangat!! Tema hari tu warna putih. Diorg nampak comel sangat! To Ika & Rudy, wish korang akan bahagia hingga ke anak cucu cicit piut dan seterusnye lah..

Yang best tu, ada cupcakes yg comel! Ada logo herbalife!! Wow! Nanti aku kawin aku nak wat cupcakes camtu jugaklah!

And the day before that(Saturday), kitorg attend wedding Amalina Peter pulak kat Setiawangsa. Yang best tu, Amalina masih lagi berumur 20 dan dia dah mendirikan rumahtangga...(aku yang dah 22 ni pun lom berpunye)...apa nak buat...nanti tiba lah jodoh aku...

Kami dan pengantin baru Amalina dan Abqari

Me and Mel! Congrats Mel!!!

Pagi Sabtu tu pulak, pegi jogging...memang sakit kaki, perut, terbatuk2 dan pelbagai lagilah..tak pasal2, aku diserang demam dan asma. Sabar...tapi alhamdulillah, asma aku recover tanpa aku perlu pegi klinik untuk ambil gas(oksigen) sebab aku bantai shake hari-hari sepanjang aku demam n tak sihat tu...

Sempat lagi pegi Johor last week, kitorg join booth untuk 2nd Johor International Wellness Exhibiton 2010 kat Danga City Mall...crowd ok, cuma ramai chinese yg dtg exhibition ni. Malay and Indian boleh kira ngn jari oo..

This is part of my weekend yang boleh dikatakan 'BUSY' (afterall tak busy pun..). Tapi dah lama tak pegi booth and wedding tapi rindu sebenarnye nak makan nasik minyak. Ada gak jemputan kahwin, ni minggu depan ada lagi jemputan...naik la berat lemak aku.

I guess that's all for now.



Jul 7, 2010

Health Cafe 123


It's been a month i've been operating a nutrition club in Klang. Before this, i'm not so interested in doing something called nutrition club cuz i think that a club concept is not dat suitable for me. I have to stay at that club,all day long and i have no tym to go out jalan-jalan cuz that's what i LOVE to do.

But last 1st of May, Abg Nasir and Kak As(my beloved kakak and abang) asked me to join them to go to Johor cuz they r going to join this training on how to open a club! I thought that it is a great idea cuz i can see how Malays do their club since i saw one chinese nutrition club and i'm not that interested anyway...

But what i can say that, i really love the concept of Socrates Valencia doin nutrition club! We can duplicate easily and its truly enjoyable! These are some photos I took at my club.

Us and Murphy. This man was in Panama before this and get one-to-one training on how to do nutrition club with 123 concept from Mr. Socrates himself! We learnt alot from him! Thanks Murphy!

Part of our group which are very interested in opening another nutrition club!

Sharing my experiences with this club to Murphy.

Some of the guests we invited for HOM.

THUMBS UP! From left : Kak Sham, Abg Hairil, my Mum(kakjay)

These are just part of my story in the nutrition club. But what i actually learn there is patience and consistency. It actually brings wonderful results! Wundervar!


Jul 3, 2010

Extravaganza Singapore 2010

Salam to all readers!! Its been awhile i didnt update my blog..well, have been busy since got back from Singapore. Its a great experience, cuz its my first(actually second) trip outside Malaysia. These are some photos of me and our family through-out our 4 days journey to Singapore!

Waiting for the Express Senandung Malam Train...see? That's our huge Herbalife trolley bag..

Arrived in Tanjong Pagar Station, Singapore..

Waiting to cross the road...hehe..

APAC Night...awesome!!

Ace Young...

Ribuan manusia..

Brought ma radio to listen to the translations..

The Gen H!!

Herbalife Train! Wow!

Mr n Mrs Kim! They are one of the very interesting people in Herbalife!!

With The Vietnamese

With the Japanese...Sugoi ne..

With the Koreans, the Indian and us, the Malaysians
Goin out, cousin sendin us to the MRT (white shirt)

Even i have cousins in Singapore!

Our wonderful, amazing guest speaker Dan Waldron..

The experiences is totally outstanding! Those who aren't with us throughout our journey in Herbalife had missed all these amazing experiences and they cant treasure them just by goin there and do nothing. Let's together, help changing peoples life, through Herbalife because it had changed my family and my life!!


May 9, 2010

My Next Big Event!!


I'm totally excited about my next upcoming event i'll be goin that is EXTRAVAGANZA SINGAPORE!! Will be departing from Malaysia on Friday(or probably Thursday night) with bus from KL. Arriving by Friday n registration here I come!!

This is my very first extravaganza and I'm truly excited! I'll tell the whole story when i'm back from Singapore!


Mar 8, 2010

Our Latest Pictures

Salam! These are our new testimonies as for 2010! We have already been in Herbalife for almost 2 years and never visit the clinic anymore. Let's together change our beloved Malaysia to a healthy Malaysia!!

JAMALIAH(my mum), 48 years old, ASTHMA for 20 years now GONE, no more ATHRITIS problem, URIC ACID normal, total lost 10kg

MAISARAH(me), 22 years old, ASTHMA(usually have to take oxygen cuz inhaler cant work for me) no more, SINUS totally improved, ECHZEMA improved, PERIOD regulate(before this, 2 mths once i wil have my period), RESHAPED 12cm around my HIPS, GAIN a total of 5kg muscle mass.

NATALIA(my sister), 18 years old, MILD HYPERTENSION gone, PERIOD normal(before this she had her period 3 to 4 mths once), IMBALANCE HORMONE since 6 years old, total lost 23kg in 10 mths(88 kg now 65kg) and STILL losing WEIGHT and INCHES.

JAMIL(my bro), 23 years old, before this he got bad morning SINUS,SKIN irritation(face and body), ASTHMA, ALLERGIC to cat's fur, LOW energy(always tired and sleepy in class). Now, morning sinus GONE, asthma GONE, skin IMPROVEMENT,NO MORE allergic to cat's fur, HIGH energy(3 hours of lecture no problem; even after 2 hours of futsal,energy still maintain), health improvement. BONUS! LOST almost 15kg, almost 5 INCHES around waist and amazingly he can already WEAR S sized shirt(cuz before this he can only wear XL size).

These amazing result is not easy to be earn with just a normal diet and regular exercise for we didn't feed our body with enough nutrition. It's better if u make FOOD as your MEDICINE, not making MEDICINE your FOOD.


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