Mar 7, 2009


It's been awhile i din write in here..

Today i'm goin to ramble bout booth..what is booth?
ANSWER: It's a B with a double O and a T plus an H. BOOTH!!
Tettt!! Wrong!! Who answers dat?

Act i was talking bout booth where certain company or organisation had in a certain area to either sell or promote sumthing. It's nt an official shop, cuz its small n open space sum more.

I participate in booth oso, Herbalife Booth la of kos. It's important in telling ppl bout d good nutrition i'm taking nw! I used to join booth in Ampang Point, wif Nasir all. Tis morning i join in mydin wif my sis and Ain. Yesterday oso gt, but Atika oso there. Too bad she can't join today..

Dats d booth i'm talkin bout..

Posing laa..wif flyers..cum do wellness evaluation!!
Posing lagi..huhu

Tmr got STS in Times Square for Malay market. Tmr i becum shake team again!! Yay!! Love to b shake Team!! Ok thats all for nw!!

Assalamualaikum n nite.

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