Mar 11, 2009

I am already a SUPERVISOR!!

I am already a SUPERVISOR and i was recognised adi in HERBALIFE!! Yay!! I'm so damn happy bout it..

Tis supervisor i was talkin bout is nt d supervisor in d factory2 all..being supervisor in Herbalife entitled me for a 50% discount! Isnt dat amazing or wat? I've been dreaming to become a supervisor since last year loh! Supposingly my bro n his frens oso become SV as me last mth bt his fren met an accident, so unable to join. Then me bro said tat they will wait for his fren first then together become SV.

Oh la la~ so touching la~

Okay la tats all i wanna say..nothing much to talk about..
Oh, yeah my mum comin to melaka today..we r goin to review my customer here.

Wait la, later i got car..i go travel around Malaysia..
Yeah! Goin to Korea tis JUNE!! Can't wait!! DongBangShinKi!! Kidariye yo!!


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