Dec 10, 2008


Let's make our world healthier!

What was that statement meant? Well, my life has changed because of it.

To begin, i would like to introduce myslf. My name is Maisarah. I am 20 years old(when i write tis blog). I was a very sick child since i am small. When i was born, i was a jaundis patient. And was put in an incubator. That's kinda sad reminding that i was in there when i was born. When i grew up, i had sinusitis, every morning and night i caught a cold. And all together echzema, which when my skin touches something dirty, it will swollen. And i also had athma. When i athma attacks me, i will have to go to the clinic and take oxygen twice. It's hard for me because when i was attacked in the middle of the night, i can't sleep because of difficulty in breathing. It was suffering..

Now, since i started taking herbalife, my health is getting better! My sinus is recovering even my echzema too! My athma is not my worries anymore! Besides, its also reshaping my body shape! It's amazing! Nw i can find pants easier because before tis, my thighs is big and it does not match my body because my body is too thin. I reshaped and felt more confident now!


  1. Greeting,

    Every human born has their own hurdle. Some have a very smooth ride during their early childhood might face a bigger hurdle later. A child who has many hurdles during early life might have a smoother ride in later stage.

    But this doesn't mean you could neglect and think you would have a smooth ride forever.

    What you do yesterday is the result of today.