Aug 4, 2011

What I adore MOST in my LIFE!


Today, I wanna talk about my fav pet.
Why all of a sudden I wanna talk about pets? Haha cuz I found few blogs tat tells bout pets, especially CATS!!!

Cats are aDORAble...I love cats, cats love me lalala~

It easy to know if that particular cat likes you or not. Well, to me, when I approached a cat, I will give a pat on their head. Usually they'll meow-ing. Some cats who are afraid of humans will run once they heard our footsteps. This kind of cat, I will approach them slowly and call them slowly. And they'll come to me!(Yeah sometimes it WORKS...)

Some cats will approach me, sometimes when I sit somewhere, and they'll come and start smelling my clothes, or pants or bag, even my hand cuz they can smell whether I have other cats' smell or not. Obviously my cat's smell will be there. Hahah!

We had cats since I was in high school. From what I can remember, we didn't buy the cat, but the cat come by itself at one night. That time we were heading to Cherating for family day event there. We thought tat the cat just need a place to sleep and will go away on the next day. Apparently, once we got back home, the cat is still there. From what I can see, the cat is pregnant and was about to give birth. So okay then we decided to adopt it.

The first day, it urinated on my cushion. OMG. Nevermind I can wash it away.

And until today, I've about 40 cats,(actually the 30+ cats are my mum's friend's cat). But sadly there are a few of my most lovable cats are gone(not dead yet, I hope).

Chakol(or we call him Abang)
He was the oldest cat in the house. He was a very kind and friendly cat. Everytime we brought home a new cat, the new cat will get attracted to Abang only. And Abang just let the small kitten play around him...he's truly a legend for us. We've lost him since before Ramadhan...he was one loyal cat. Wherever he go he will always come back home.

He was my most favorite cat since he was a baby...I went home from my studies in Malacca just to see him...its such a sad thing we've lost him. He's a quiet and loner cat. He don't really have much friends. But his cuteness really attract my attention. I hope you are still alive and come back home safely..

Nyet2 (or we call her Kakak)
She was the only cat who is still loyal to us. She never got out from the house as far as I'm concern la. She loves staying at home. If she's a human, she'll make a great housewife.

Amar Solehin
One of our most favorite and lovable cat! He was indeed different than any of our cat. He was orange, and got long body, and he is a very manja cat. He eats almost anything that we ate. That's why I always tells my mum, "He thinks he's a human". Too bad, we lost him. He never got home that one day. We were very sad about his loss.

This photo was back in 2009 I think. That time, our house was full of cats and they're really breaking the house down! Just look at how they were eating together..

I know its very typical for other to says "My favorite animal is CAT", but to me, its not just sayings. I LOVE cats very much, I really treasure this cute little animal as something very very important in my life. I don't know why some people hates them. But I don't care. I love the way they are, I love everything about them!

When I can DREAM IT! I definitely can DO IT!


  1. Wah banyak nye kucing!Cayalah!!!semuanye comel comel belaka.semuanya 12 kucing ke?

  2. taklah..more than that. dah dkt 50 ekor skang, yg dlm gmbr ni cuma sekor je yg stil ngn saya lg.