Jul 7, 2010

Health Cafe 123


It's been a month i've been operating a nutrition club in Klang. Before this, i'm not so interested in doing something called nutrition club cuz i think that a club concept is not dat suitable for me. I have to stay at that club,all day long and i have no tym to go out jalan-jalan cuz that's what i LOVE to do.

But last 1st of May, Abg Nasir and Kak As(my beloved kakak and abang) asked me to join them to go to Johor cuz they r going to join this training on how to open a club! I thought that it is a great idea cuz i can see how Malays do their club since i saw one chinese nutrition club and i'm not that interested anyway...

But what i can say that, i really love the concept of Socrates Valencia doin nutrition club! We can duplicate easily and its truly enjoyable! These are some photos I took at my club.

Us and Murphy. This man was in Panama before this and get one-to-one training on how to do nutrition club with 123 concept from Mr. Socrates himself! We learnt alot from him! Thanks Murphy!

Part of our group which are very interested in opening another nutrition club!

Sharing my experiences with this club to Murphy.

Some of the guests we invited for HOM.

THUMBS UP! From left : Kak Sham, Abg Hairil, my Mum(kakjay)

These are just part of my story in the nutrition club. But what i actually learn there is patience and consistency. It actually brings wonderful results! Wundervar!


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