Mar 23, 2016



Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers!

Its been awhile since I ramble inside my blog. Today I'm going to write about BARISTA.

What is BARISTA?

From Wikipedia :

barista (Italian [baˈrista]English /bəˈrstə/ bə-ree-stuh or /bəˈrɪstə/ bə-ri-stuh; from the Italian for "bartender") is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.

So many people mistaken BARISTA as a BARTENDER. Nope, definitely different. Barista makes coffee-based drinks while bartender is :

bartender (also known as a barkeepbarmanbarmaidbar cheftapster or a mixologist) is a person who formulates and serves alcoholic beverages behind the bar, usually in a licensed establishment.

Okay enough with the explanations. Why am I writing about barista?

Because now I am now officially a barista! This is one of my dream that I wanted to achieve, doing something related to art. Though I am not a coffee drinker but its a challenging life when I have to learn about what I don't really like to achieve my dream bit by bit.

This is freakin nice but too bad its not mine -_-''

I have been a barista for almost 4 months, journey was hard since I was learning only from experienced people and not theorically from a school or institute. Making drinks is my specialty and I really enjoy making drinks for people. Looking at their face when they enjoyed having a great drinks is totally a satisfaction for me. Working in F&B line fro almost 2 years, I enjoyed communicating with customers, getting their feedbacks, learning about restaurant operations and now, learning the secret behind bar. I wanna learn as much as I can so one day, In shaa Allah I may open my own restaurant and achieve my mum's dream.

Being in F&B line is totally fun. I had learned so many things as a barista. As a person who grew up around art, I look forward to learn various kinds of arts. And making drinks for people, is an art too. I enjoy myself as a barista when I have to learn about the proper way to take care of coffee beans. Its HARD. Believe me, its HARD.

But usually the HARDEST things are always challenging. 

Okay enough with the talking. Lets see some photos dude.
This is some coffee arts when I first did my tryout. At this time I am not yet a barista. But I learned so much with the experienced people in this field.

And became this

And this,

This was one of my best art when I first became a barista

Drawing on top of foam is my favorite XD

After 4 months as a became this...

And this..

I felt great that I achieved so many great artworks from my coffee arts. Sometimes I dont get that perfect look but it is way much better than when I first learned my coffee art.

This what I called as PASSION. Look forward for more arts after this!

My next target is : ROSETTA and TWO SWANS!! Go go Maichan!


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