Dec 12, 2008

My sister has lost 20kg in just 8 months!!

It's amazing!! My sister who was just 16 years old last year has lost 20kg in just 8 months!!

She has been in big size since she was in kindergarten. It's a pity when i see her, well i did tease her but, i did dat to encourage her to ose weight. But we didnt hv any other way to do it. She used to eat anything that we giv her. Sometimes wen we go out and eat, i cant finish my food and i'l giv to her. Dats why she was dat size! Huhu wen i think bout it back then, its our fault too letting her eat all the extra leftover food.
Tis is me and me brother and me sister last year in Malacca around early of the year. Well i studied there. U can guess which one is my sister, she is at the right with green shirt. She's chubby and still fat.. And i'm thin, well u can hardly tell cuz i'm wearing big size shirt. I juz love to wear big size shirt! It makes my body looks balance hehe

She also had a mild hypertension and her period was 4 months once. It's nt normal, and she took hormone pills too. But it makes her bigger, and then she stops taking it.

After she follow the programme correctly and very discipline, in her first months she lost 4.2kg. On her 3rd months, she has lost in total 10kg. Period has got to normal; once a month. Her fifth months, she lost a total of 15kg. On her 8 months, she has lost a total of 20kg!! That's amazing!! Not juz losing weight, she also reshaped, she can wear my clothes adi! No!! That's my shirt!!

No problem i guess..

Here is her pix before tis and after..FANTASTiC!!!

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