Jan 7, 2009

Amazing skin result!!

I have a friend who had tried on d program for almost 2 months and guess what, she told me she was having a bad skin condition last tym n its quite obvious on her face. She even let me see her last 2 months pix and i was shocked cuz her face is so in a bad condition. She told me dat last tym she always eat lots of medicine to cure the skin illness. Cuz it doesnt work, she even went to the shaman n to that sum1 put a spell on her or sumthing.

Eventually after she took d program, though she took it wrongly and dint lose her wieght but instead she has improved her skin condition and diseases! How amazing!
Isn't it amazing? It's juz so crackin leggin!!!

1 comment:

  1. wow! co0l...

    i wanna loose my weight and have a great skin...

    love herbalife...;p