Apr 25, 2009

Global Expansion Team Recognition!!

Assalamualaikum and hello to all readers!!

I was very excited to tell u readers that last 13 April, one of the Generation H(which means the young generations in Herbalife) who is Effrida is now a Global Expansion Team member!! She was just 23years old and yet she earns more than RM10K per months!! I'm so proud because our Generation H and furthermore a Malay was the youngest GET Team member today!

Can u imagine graduating with RM10k inside ur pocket eventhough u are juz a student before this? Only Herbalife can give us students this much!

So to all students out there who are interested to WORK FROM HOME or do some part time to earn some money, u can contact me now through my email ya!!
- maisarahsanif@gmail.com

I'm goin to be at her level soon!! Wait for me Effrida!!

If u can DREAM IT u can DO IT!

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