Nov 26, 2010

Adobe is coming back to me...

Assalamualaikum n hello everyone!! Oh its been awhile!!

Hello again, really miss writing in here. Last time i wrote about me convo-ing in Melaka... So how's my life after convocation day ya? Well, apparently i am already working now. The company i'm working in is going to be my secret..Nah..i'll tell one day.

My job is fun, designing and video-ing which means i'm into Adobe Flash and Adobe Premiere again! God, i almost forget everything about those best-friend of mine. Well, its fun to discover more about them as i actually have to do video using them. Somehow i dunno why, i think they are not very kind to me that much(let me remind, i'm talking about those softwares ok). Oh i wish there is anyone who can help me with those softwares. Oh nevermind then.

Even so, I'm still with Herbalife ok!! Herbalife is my life also!!

Okay i dun think i'll write so much. In office now. Going back already! Will write again soon!!


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