Nov 28, 2010

Missing here, missing there...

Assalamualaikum! These days I felt like I missed something, either its someone or some'things'. Well maybe since i didnt attend Herbalife STS, hmm probably I've started missing my Gen-H buddies.

Guys! I actually missed u ppl!

Talking about MISS, when i looked back at my life(which i dun really like to remember the past especially about something not good in life), I just remembered there's alot of ppl i didnt contact either thru phone or online. Yeah sometimes they've changed number or they're outside from Malaysia. Who knows ya?

'Missing you' is a song by Gackt. Yeah its a SUTEKI song(which means WONDERFUL! Yay!). Oh bother.

Gackt Kamui

Uh-huh! I MISS my Japanese teacher Miss Sugiyama! Doko desuka anata? Genki da? Atashiwa koko ni itsumo -itsumo genki da!! Wonder when i can continue my Japanese class again. Wanna go to Japan! Hai hai ikuyo!!!

I also MISS my college buddies, my lecturers. Hope you ppl are doing fine! Yosh!

Sometimes i also misput some stuffs and i got lost. Or shall I say, i got missing things. These reminds me of 'A place called Here', by Cecilia Ahern. Also, another SUTEKI book! I cried on the few last pages while reading it.

MISS my cousins as well. Hey! Lets go watch movies!! I wanna watch Rapunzel! Or maybe something else? Eh he he...

Now i'm missing Amar, Ummu, Sentot, Cakol, Nyet-nyet, Rahimah and Bea back at home(well, im in office now). Amar is now a handsome young cat!! He's a super hyperactive cat now! Ummu has grown up and becoming a pretty young cat~mish u cute little mushy potato...u wait ya, i go back later i cuddle u all strongly! Haha!!

Okay, i started to talk craps now. Well then, MISS could be interpreted into so many things. Each of us have different ideas about how MISS playing its role in our life. Anyway, its not hard to miss people that u love especially if u have someone special rite..(well, i still dun have one yet). To me, those people whom I love most is my FAMILY. Ibu, Abang, Adik, Ayah, Mama and Faiz. LOVE U GUYS VERY MUCH!! <3 <3

Okay then i'll write till here. Will write again soon. Maybe what i wrote today is a lil bit out of topic. But MISS is also very SIMPLE, FUN and MAGICAL!!!



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