Jul 6, 2011

SHOWDOWN 2011!!!



Wanna know why suddenly I so sedih? Well, last night I watch my most favorite dance show on TV, which is SHOWDOWN 2011. Last night was the final episode of tat dance show.

I am really fond of HMC Phlow cuz their dances were awesome and they actually join Showdown last year but they just make it to the final 4. This year I expected them to win, but its just not their luck. ECX was way better than them. Dennis was in ECX, and ECX was very good in dancing!

But on the previous episode, they actually colaborated and dance together!! Using ET by Katy Perry as their song, they actually make that song as one of my fav. So, everytime I listens to ET, i quickly recalled their dancing. HMC <3 <3

Dancing is actually one of my favorite activity. Most of my friends doesnt know tat I love to dance. Thats why I LOVE listening to korean songs especially those with their dance moves.

As for now, I can dance Girls Generation's song Genie, Gee, Run Devil Run and Super Junior It's You, Sorry Sorry(only the Sorry Sorry part~huhu) and I can dance B2ST Shock. But I dun really dance completely. I just learn little especially the chorus part.

I was a penari kebudayaan back in college but only for 1 semester. Just wanna try out. My mum was a penari kebudayaan so I guess tat most of my art background is from my mum and my dad. Thanks to both of you!!!

But on 2nd semester I quit becoming penari kebudayaan cuz I'm afraid tat it'll disturb my study. But actually I kinda miss dancing there. My frens all ajak me back to the group. Really sorry!!! Now I dance for fun only. Just for the sake of exercising. Hehe pasang lagu kuat2 pastu menari sesuka hati!!! Lalala~~

Actually motif entry hari ni nak ckp psl Showdown tapi da tuka topik lak. Its ok HMC!!! You are still the best in my heart!!!


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