Feb 4, 2012

Singapore! Horey!

Assalamualaikum readers!!!

Okay why am I so excited about Singapore? Wanna know why?

Let me tellyou...
There are goin to be 2 special events that i will attend there by this coming April and May! Both are special to me cuz these are two of the thing that I love!

This coming April, my beloved L'Arc en Ciel will be havin concert there!! Ow i hv never been to L'Arc concert before! I've been their fan since high school until today,but i've never been to their concert! At least my sister have been to Rain's concert before(cuz she's apparently Rain's huge fan! Urgh!) and I've never had the opportunity to see my fav band performing! Only through Youtube! Herh!!!

They are releasing their new album 'Butterfly' this coming March! Well, at first i thought its goin to be this month but...oh well, I'll definitely buy!!!

And my second event i'm attending this May is...Herbalife Extravaganza Singapore!! This is my 3rd Extravaganza! Wow! I cant believe that I've been so long in Herbalife! Its almost 5 years i've been consuming Herbalife and I'mstill consuming till now and in future as well.

Just a peek through on how the event looks like. Ahaha i like it!

You can read my family's testimony to know about what had Herbalife made us into. Haha! Of course a great health and great shape as well!!

You may email me at maisarahsanif@gmail.com or follow my tweets at @MaisarahMakoto.

Kore made ne, jya mata kondo no entori e aimasu yo ne! Suddenly felt like writing some japanese words. Gyahaha.

Yes! If I can DREAM IT I can definitely DO IT!

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