Apr 19, 2012

Degree Student


Degree student. That is what i am now. Studying degree in Animation. Well not exactly mentioned as degree but Bachelor in animation. It has been 2 months i am studying animation in UiTM Puncak Perdana. What i can say is that the environment here is better than when I was in college. Not to say that my college is not really in a good environment but in UiTM is even better because of the facilities, the libraries. In my college life last time library as not that enjoyable place to hang out for. I love libraries! I do. But college's library tak berapa best lah. UiTM's library is very comfortable and lots of books! Since i was a librarian of course i need a nice library to hang out in rite.

They have 2 cafes in here. One is called 'Kafe Sbiling' and another one is Kafetaria. My friends LOOOVVEE eating here for the place have air condition. I think tat the food is quite lovely. But as for the price, not very cheap lah. Not many ppl like to eat there as for the price. Not to mention the boys. Kafetaria is a nice place to hang out. But to makan, I dun prefer there. The food is quite oily. Dunno how many gelens of oil they use to cook. Tee food taste is ok-lah..i eat there rarely..we used to eat outside campus such as in bukit jelutong, and alam budiman or kandang. kandang is the food stall nearby campus. dunno why they call it kandang. but then got more food choice. ahaha. no offense k.

Emm what else can i say about uitm puncak perdana ya..emm...walking distance! there are 2 faculties in here. TEKA and IM. I am in TEKA which stands for Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik and now tukar nama already into Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation. Its fine with changing names. Maybe more impact on future..I guess. About walking distance! Our faculty to IM faculty is quite a distance but not THAT far until we hv to ride busses(like wat happen in Shah Alam and Puncak Alam). We have to walk from dorm(and I dun live in the dorm. My house is in Puncak Alam) to IM buidling just to go to classes. I think my thighs are getting smaller. Ahaha. Good thing I took Herbalife while studying.

About my Herbalife! Im still in first semester and I dun really have much tym to spend elsewhere. Degree life is always busy. Diploma still can relax. Degree life, assignments and asssignments! Thesis here thesis there. Now i can only focus on few regular customers only. My sis decided to go full swing on Herbalife. Good for her!! She had lost so much weight she should go full swing already! Go go go ADIK!! I will support u from the back(and with the pom-pom!) But my love for HERBALIFE is still very strong. I will still consume this product no matter what.

Thats all for now i guess. Will write more about my degree life journey!! My mum is fetching me!!! Well cuz now i am in the library(my fav hang out place!! YAYAYA!!).

Malas wanna put pic. Just read. Reading is good.


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