Jun 19, 2011

Learning is F.U.N.


You like learning languages? I didn't like it. I LOVE IT!!! Yeah yeah!!

As for now Alhamdulillah I'm very grateful that I can actually speaks 4 different languages including Malay and English. I am good in Japanese and I'm still discovering Korean languages. I learnt Japanese when I'm in high school, which I actually enrolled into a language centre in Subang Jaya. The teachers there is genuinely from the country itself so it makes language easier to learn.

Yeah well if the teachers are local, its hard to learn into the language(I think, okay...no offense!). You know wat I'm tryin to say? Lets put it this way. We learn from experiences right? So if we are in the situation, it'll be easier to learn. Hahah okay thats is totally making me confused. Oh nevermind.

Actually the reason i learn Korean and Japanese is because I dreamt of going there since i was a child. Japan is the place I really really wanted to go!! The prime minister also says something about Dasar Pandang ke Timur, which that is what I'm doing now. Melampau ke Timur sangat ni~~Hoho~~

In learning things, we also have to have passion! Sebab tu ramai budak-budak tak habis belajar because of the passion nak belajar tu takde. And also, sometimes we have the passion to study is because we love what we studied about or maybe we love the environment so that makes the spirit comes and membuak-buak nak membuat sesuatu kerja tu.

Okay dah lari topik, but its good to renung-renungkan rite!!

And lastly, ikhlas lah dalam melakukan sesuatu ibadah itu kerana jika kita ikhlas, ibadah kita akan diterima Allah. Jangan susah-susah nak buat keje bukan-bukan then when we started to complain, dapat satu hadiah dosa dari-Nya.

Menuntut ilmu juga salah satu ibadah so, don't stop learning because once we STOP learning, that's when we STOP earning.

Just make your life simple, fun and MAGICAL!!!

Because when you can DREAM IT! you can DO IT!

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