Jun 17, 2011

Work? Or Study?


Work? Or study?

I prefer to study(as for now~). Well, working is good when you actually do what you like to do. I dun feel like working yet, cuz my ilmu tak sampai ke negeri China lagi!(Bak kata pepatah, menuntutlah ilmu hingga ke negeri China!). Well, I really meant it when I said I wanna continue study.

Working is challenging. I had experienced working in 2 different companies(and Herbalife as well!). There are some positive and negative influences that I got from working which I like to go for positive only.

Herbalife lain okeh! Everything is positive in Herbalife! Yay!

Working in animation field is absolutely fun! Well, i had to leave the company for some specific reason. No need to know-lah! Now im workin in Ampang as a Graphic Designer which basically I'm in HR which my HR job focuses on designs so here I am!! Its a great experince working here as I now know how oil&gas field is all about. Designing platform~wau u guys are great!

When I saw my frens there do 3D's and designing things, I immidiately miss my animation!! No need to think about kebajikan staff-staff pun ~huhu.
My mum told me being in HR is actually very hard. Companies secret all I have to keep. Hmm tats totally challenging. Its okay. I'm actually good at keeping secrets. Haha~but I dun look like an HR staff at all. Maybe its just me being myself; cartoon-ish, just like my fren in college told me.

Like I said, me being MYSELF. I'm not being hypocrite. Its munafik. Mintak jauh la bende2 tu semua.

Lastly, maybe as for now I will go for study first. Get my degree! There are some people mention bout "certs doesnt lead us to where we want" or "I'm just an SPM holder and my salary is as same as a manager". But I just wanted to ask them, did you get what you want in life? If yes, alhamdulillah. If no, means that you still don't achieve your target.

I have a target. Sometimes yeah, my target tersasar but I prefer not to choose other target but to just go with the flow until I got the chance to reach back my target. I always pray to Allah so that I can reach my target even it takes me 20 years to go.

That is why DREAM is very important. I have lotsa dream. And most of my dreams is not a dream anymore. I reach part of my target. And i will reach my main target. Soon.

Thats all for now.

Syukran jazilan. Assalamualaikum.


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