Jun 24, 2011

Thoughts for Today


Still in office, updating my blog.(Okay Ami, I dah update blog...kalo tak baca, i pukul u laju2 oK!!)

Today had stomachache+diarrhea, and it has been 3 days i had this pain. I guess I ate something not good. But I dunno what. And also, this afternoon, sakit kepala!! Hadui!!! Ibu, tolong urut!

My brother tells me, "Minum air kalo sakit kepala". Okay2 so I drink the plain water and the pain gone! Amazing what plain water can do to us. Besides, our brain needs 90% of water so, I can understand why I had that pain. Today I haven't drink 3 litres yet. Haha I drink so little, unlike my brother at least 10 litres per day.

Yesterday night I saw Herbalife in the news! What I can remember is that, Azizulhasni, the cyclist and Aidil Zaquan(or izit Zafuan? Oh plz correct me), Malaysian football player is now Herbalife Ambassador!!! OMG! That's awesome! Now people can start to understand that Herbalife is not only lose/ gain weight product but also products for sportsmen as well!! Anyway David Beckham and Lionel Messi also took this product and perform well in their games! Go Go Go BARCA!!!

Credits to Durrah Kamilah for this photo!!!

Barca beat MU!!! (I hate Christiano Ronaldo. NO OFFENSE!!)

Ya Allah, stomachache again. But the diarrhea had stopped. That's ok I guess.

Hari ni kena buat poster! Tak siap-siap lagi! How la, with the headache and all. How to finish everything~Tapi sempat pulak update blog. Ngeh3.

This coming 1st July is IBU's birthday!!! Can't wait! We plan to celebrate somewhere else, last time asyik2 Secret Recipe je. Now nak ubah angin. I heard Secret Recipe tak halal b4 this. Tiba-tiba halal balik. Which one was it? On the first place, who actually throw that statement? Can you like, show the proof? Gosh, I like Chocolate Indulgence very MUCH! Its such a dissapointment when I suddenly can't eat it. Huhuhuhu~~

Its okay. Looks like I have to learn how to do it myself. Haha~(mai, kau buat kek koko boleh la! Nak buat Chocoloate Indulgence pulak! Dream BIG-BIG only!!!) Hey! Dream big is GOOD! At least I have a DREAM right??(Not dream when u sleep okai...) Instead of living in the world without any dream at all. Its such a waste not to have any dream. When I have a dream, I know what i want to do in life.

Sometimes we kept searching for so many things in life. So many things we want but not everything we want we can have it. Allah sure knows if that things we want is good or not. That's why we have to BERSYUKUR kepada Allah terhadap apa yg kita dapat. Jangan complain. (Aku pun kadang-kadang complain gk, so this goes to me as well.) Allah ada sebab tersendiri kenapa dia beri kita sesuatu itu.

I think, my life is the life that I always wanted it to be. I'm so thankful to Allah for giving me this wonderful life, wonderful family, wonderful mother, wonderful brother, wonderful sister, wonderful cousins, wonderful friends and not forgetting wonderful cats!! Thank you Allah! Alhamdulillah. Now I have to search for a wonderful husband pulak. Hihihi(tak malu betul~)

A photo of me and my family including Amalina & Abqari(in pale green). Love u all very much!!!

It's not hard to make life simple, fun and magical. Just BE THANKFUL.

If you can DREAM IT! you can DO IT!

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