Apr 22, 2012

Semester Break!! Yay!!


Assalamualaikum! I am having my semester break next week(which starting tomorrow apparently), and i can start my herbalife DMO again! Yeah i hv so many assignments bt then my sis told me to make my assgmts simpler so i made my decision. And now i am more at ease in completing my assgmts.

Herbalife really change me and my whole family. This very morning, we had STS in PWTC till 4.30pm. What is so great about today is that Herbalife recognised more than 7 new GET team members and 4 new MILL team members! Wow! Most of them are from Malay market!

Well im not gonna write long as for now. Testing my new bloggeroid ive juz downloaded few minutes ago. If it works means im gonna use it startin today!!


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